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The Sandpiper

CastElizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Eva Marie Saint, Charles Bronson, Robert Webber, James Edwards, Torin Thatcher, Tom Drake, Douglas Henderson
Year released1965
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Rev. Dr. Edward Hewitt tells his secretary wife Claire, referring to artist Laura, “Apparently, she thought I was behaving like a pompous idiot.” (0:14)

Laura tells Edward, referring to a baby sandpiper, “This is supposed to hypnotize him.” (0:21)

Laura’s form lover Ward tells Edward, “Well, I take it this would be confidential.” (0:29) 

Laura asks Edward, “How much is this crazy chapel going to cost?”
Edward: “It’s a kind of suicide.” (0:47)

Ward tells Laura, “I even got custody of the kids.” (0:54)

Edward tells the others, “The Greeks, I think, thought of Nepenthe as a state of mind induced by drugs, probably hashish.”
Laura’s sculptor friend Cos: ”I got a friend, and he claims he gets a mystical kick from H.”
Edward: “H?”
Cos: “Yeah, H.... You think you can find God at the end of a hypodermic needle?”
Edward tells Laura, referring to legal documents and her son, ”They’re related to Danny’s custody.” (1:00)

Edward answers Laura: “No, a writ of habeas corpus...” (1:12)

Cos, tells Laura, “Yeah, poor old Cos, caught drunk right in the middle of a losing streak.” (1:33)

Laura asks Edward, “Isn’t the relationship between a man and a woman in love as privileged as between... a doctor and a patient...” (1:34)

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