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The Secret Life of Pets

Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Ellie Kemper, Lake Bell, Jenny Slate, Bobby Moynihan, Hannibal Buress, Albert Brooks
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The Secret Life of Pets 2

Katie tells Max, “I’m so psyched to see you too.” (0:09)

Max tells Duke, referring to their human, “Katie’s gonna flip out...”
”I tried to stop him, but he’s crazy.” (0:15)

Red-tailed hawk Tiberius tells pomeranian Gidget ”I was born with killer instincts.” (0:31)

Rabbit Snowball tells the snakes, “The leader makes up the password, idiots.”
Snowball tells Max and Duke, ”As proof of your allegiance you will now receive the bite of a one-fanged, half blind viper fueled by a diet of anti-human rage!” (0:33)

Guinea pig Norman calls Tiberius “Crazy bird.” (0:44)

Norman asks the others, “What is this crazy joint?” (0:48)

Max tells Duke, “We have raw primal instincts...” (0:50)

Tiberius tells dachshund Buddy, “Every bird instinct I have says don’t follow a dog on wheels.” (0:52)

Basset hound Pops, referring to Snowball, “That ball of fluff’s got a screw loose.” (0:57)

Snowball: “Derek, you idiot.” (0:59)

Max tells Duke, “Your owner’s gonna freak. I’m freakin’ out just thinking about it.” (1:02)

Pops tells the others, referring to Snowball, “That rabbit, he had crazy eyes.” (1:02)

Max: “Duke, you have nothing to be nervous about.” (1:04)

A cat tells Duke, referring to Duke’s old owner Fred, “He died.” (1:05)

Poster for The Birds (1:17)