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The Secret Of Dr. Kildare

CastLew Ayres, Lionel Barrymore, Lionel Atwill
Year released1939
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Dr. S.J. Carew tells wealthy Paul Messenger, referring to Dr. Leonard Barry Gillespie, "... physically he’s worse off than most of his patients." (0:01)

Gillespie tells patient Mrs. Roberts, "... those generations really had something to worry about..."
Mrs. Roberts: ”Maybe it sounds silly to you, this horrible worry. My husband’s worried, too.” (0:03)

Gillespie asks orderly Conover, "Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, an intelligent adult like you, gambling your wages away week after week?" (0:04)

Patient Mr. Finch tells Gillespie, referring to drinking, "Doctor, I tried to stop, but I can’t do it."
Gillespie: ”... they believe a legend started by a bigger fool that you can inherit drunkenness.” (0:10)

Head nurse Molly Byrd: "Leonard Gillespie, you’ve done a lot of crazy things in your life..."
Gillespie: ”You can’t have anything confidential to tell me.” (0:14)

Kildare tells nurse Mary Lamont, "I guess because you’re crazy enough to want to be a nurse."
Mary: ”You’re a little crazy yourself...” (0:20)

Kildare tells nurse “Nosey” Parker, "Get me a hypo of Adrenalin, quick."
Kildare tells Byrd, referring to Gillespie: ”He fainted.”
Kildare: ”Give me that Adrenalin.”
Byrd: ”Adrenalin, yes.”
Kildare injects Gillespie.
Kildare answers Gillespie: ”Adrenalin.”
Gillespie tells Carew, ”Kildare injected Adrenalin.”
Carew tells Byrd: ”... bring me 3 grains of sodium Amytal.”
Gillespie: ”I don’t need any dope.” (0:20)

Carew tells Kildare, referring to the Messengers, "From his daughter’s mood, he feels that with a little time you might gain her complete confidence." (0:34)

Kildare’s mother Martha tells him, referring to Dr. Stephen Kildare, "I know the minute your father enters the house if he's worried by the way he hangs up his hat. He’s worried about something now, too." (0:38)

Martha tells Stephen, "You know, ‘Don’t tell mother, she might worry’." (0:46)

Gillespie asks Kildare, "Are you crazy?" (0:50)

Lamont tells Gillespie, referring to Kildare, "Leaving you for a hypochondriac debutante with blonde hair and lots of money."
Gillespie: ”I forgot about the time we were worried about Jimmy...” (0:53)

Kildare tells Messenger, "Human behavior... is very often the outcome of some fixation in childhood."
”Well, some instinct, and I can’t rationalize it, keeps bringing me back to Nancy’s mother.”
Mrs. Messenger died of pneumonia...” (0:54)

“Nature and Sun Healer” John Xerxes Archley asks Kildare, "What’s worrying you?"
”But, uh, the mother’s symptoms... sound very conclusive.”
Kildare: ”Symptoms?”
Archley: ”The first principle of my treatment is to cleanse the mind with truth.”
Kildare: ”Look here, Archley, that girl’s half out of her mind with fear already... If you diagnose her trouble as brain tumor, she’s liable to lose her mind entirely.” (0:59)

Kildare tells Nancy, "... every instinct I have tells me there’s nothing wrong with you, nothing but grief and fear and brooding imagination."
Nurse Nora tells Kildare, ”Since you’re a doctor, you oughtn’t be the one to drive this poor child stark raving crazy.” (1:01)

Ambulance driver Joe tells Kildare, "I’d have made it sooner, only it makes me nervous to go fast." (1:04)

Nancy: "Jimmy... I can’t see anything. I’m blind." (1:06)

Gillespie tells Kildare, "Mm, so you hung yourself, huh?" (1:09)

Gillespie lectures interns: "This is difficult to diagnose because it conceals itself under the symptoms of every known disease. There was, for instance, a woman, totally bereft of speech... The subconscious realization that her own voice had called the child to its death paralyzed the mother’s vocal cords. Even psychoanalysis failed to effect a cure. " (1:10)

Kildare tells Nancy’s fiance Charlie, Carew and Nancy’s father, "... the factor which directly induced Nancy’s mysterious blindness was Mr. Herron’s words, ‘You will never see me again’." (1:14)

Martha tells Kildare, "We were worried about your father’s heart, Jimmy..."
Kildare asks Gillespie, ”Did you look for any signs of thrombosis?”
Stephen: ”Well, it was our worry...” (1:18)

Kildare tells Gillespie, "I had an instinctive feeling about that case from the beginning." (1:20)

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