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The Secret Scripture

Rooney Mara, Vanessa Redgrave, Jack Reynor, Theo James, Eric Bana, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Aidan Turner, Susan Lynch, Adrian Dunbar, Aisling O'Sullivan, Pauline McLynn, Nika McGuigan
Adolf Hitler | tobacco
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Psychiatric hospital, patient Roseanne McNulty (0:00)

Psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Grene examines a medical record. (0:03)

Dr. Hart tells Grene, referring to Roseanne, "She’s seeing stuff all over the place, visions, apparitions." (0:07)

Grene reviews a letter: "We would like to engage the services of the eminent psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Grene, to reassess the case of Roseanne Florence Clear, who has been a patient at St Malachy's since 1942."
Psychiatric Assessment” (0:09)

Hart tells the others, referring to Roseanne, "This woman’s hysterical." He injects her with a drug.
Hart asks Grene, ”Are you saying you’re going to take responsibility for this patient?”
Hart tells nurse Caitlin, ”Don’t leave the patient.” (0:11)

Roseanne tells Caitlin and Grene, "When my dad died, my mother’s heart died with him. She stayed in her mourning clothes night and dad." She repeats herself. (0:14)

Photograph of Adolf Hitler (0:15)

Roseanne: "I went to work for my mother’s sister, Aunt Eleanor, in her temperance hotel." (0:17)

Roseanne: "There you see poor Joe Brady who died in a mental asylum at the top of the town." (0:18)

Michael McNulty: "Rose, of Prunty’s Temperance Hotel?"
Rose: ”Of McNulty Tobacco and Spirit Merchants.” (0:19)

Father Gaunt tells Roseanne, "I haven’t seen you since you were a girl at your mother’s funeral."
”Are you sympathetic?” (0:20)

Roseanne asks Father Gaunt if he is "A psychiatrist?" (0:25)

Grene reads: "... to have the tendencies of NYMPHOMANIA." (0:34)

Gaunt tells Rose, "You’re just being paranoid." (0:36)

Michael McNulty tells Rose, referring to his comrade Tom, "I escaped, he died. That’s it." (0:47)

Michael asks Rose, referring to St. Malachy’s, "The asylum?"
Rose: ”The patients go mad without their smokes.” (0:53)

Rose tells Michael, referring to her mother, "She was crazy in love with my dad. After he died, she went mad and they sent her away." (0:55)

Gaunt types: "... is seen to have the tendencies of NYMPHOMANIA." (1:03)

Caitlin tells Grene, "Here, spell “nymphomania.”" (1:04)

A Constable tell Rose, "I have a warrant here to bring you to St. Malachy’s Mental Hospital." (1:06)

An orderly escorts Rose to her hospital bed.(1:07)

Patients at St Malachy’s prepare tobacco leaves. (1:13)

Rose elopes from the asylum. (1:15)

A constable asks Gaunt, referring to Rose, "Is she away in the head, or what?" (1:17)

Rose tells Caitlin and Grene, "They took my memories with electricity." (1:20)

Grene tells Caitlin, "My mother loved me to the point of insanity..." (1:23)

A nurse tells Rose, "Your baby’s dead." (1:26)

Rose undergoes electroconvulsive therapy. (1:27)

Gaunt tells Rose, "Michael’s dead."
Rose rages.
Man: ”Restrain her.” (1:28)

Grene asks Hart, "Is there a committal report?" (1:33)

"Saint Malachy’s Mental Hospital Committal Report" (1:33)

Hart tells Rose, "If you don’t move, we’ll have to sedate you." (1:38)