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The Selfish Giant (2013)

Conner Chapman, Shaun Thomas, Sean Gilder, Lorraine Ashbourne, Ian Burfield, Steve Evets, Siobhan Finneran, Ralph Ineson, Rebecca Manley, Rhys McCoy, Elliott Tittensor
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Young “Swifty” Swift tells his friend Arbor Fenton, "You’re off your head, you, aren’t you?... mad head, you." (0:01)

His brother Martin asks Arbor, "Have one of your little freak-outs last night, spazzy boy?"
Arbor: ”... off, you crackhead.”
”... you druggy bastard.”
Shelly: ”I can’t believe you, you selfish bastard.”
”... enough to do without having to get a prescription.”
Arbor: ”... crackhead.” (0:08)

Boy, referring to Arbor: "Retard rabies, yeah?"
”He’s got retard rabies.” (0:15)

Arbor tells scrap dealer Kitten, referring to Swifty, "He’s mad for horses, him, you know?" (0:16)

A boy tells Swifty, "Your dad, yeah, is an inbred retard... an inbred retard, yeah?"
Another boy: ”Oy, his psycho mate’s coming.” (0:17)

Principal tells Shelly, "His team leader administered his medication."
Swifty’s mother: ”Lad’s got concussion.” (0:18)

Kitten asks Steve, "What are you doing, you bloody idiot?" (0:26)

Man: "Are you nervous?" (0:27)

Steve tells Kitten, "It’s mental out there." (0:30)

Arbor calls Kitten "Idiot." (0:39)

Arbor tells Swifty, "You’re soft, you daft bastard." (0:42)

A man tells the others, "You’d have to be mad or desperate or stupid or summat to risk that." (0:43)

Arbor’s brother Martin: "Arbor, where’s your kiddie coke? Where’s your pills?" (0:44)

Kitten tells Arbor, "You’re hyper enough as it is. You need tranquilizers."
”... idiot” (0:45)

Shelly tells Arbor, referring to Martin, "He can detox and all." (0:50)

Swifty asks Arbor, "Are you mad?"
”Daft cunt.” (0:53)

Swifty tells Arbor, "You’re a... psycho, you. Have your drugs stopped workin’?" (0:58)

Another scrap dealer tells Arbor, "Well, you’re a daft bastard, then..." (1:00)

Swifty tells Arober, "You’re a... mental case." (1:07)

Arbor realizes the electricity has killed Swifty. (1:12)

Martin tells Arbor, "Arbor, seriously, mate, Mum’s really, really worried." (1:21)