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The Sleeping Tiger

Alexis Smith, Dirk Bogarde
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Glenda Esmond asks her maid, "Why did you leave a patient in the sitting room, Sally?"
Sally Foster: ”He isn’t a patient.”
Glenda finishes Sally’s sentence: ”Therapy.” (0:03)

Glenda’s husband Clive tells her, "... It’s one thing to practice psychology in a prison ward. It’s something else again to have your patient in ideal circumstances... He’s intelligent."
Glenda: ”Don’t worry about me.” (0:04)

Criminal Frank Clemmons tells Clive, "Don’t worry." (0:09)

Clive tells Frank, "You were, um, seven when your mother died." (0:15)

His assistant Carol tells Clive, "I’m not unhappy, but I am worried." (0:24)

Frank tells Clive, "... I was in a mood..." (0:25)

Clive tells Frank, "You've got intelligence enough to know I’m only trying to help you." (0:38)

Glenda tells Frank, "I must be crazy." (0:40)

Glenda tells Frank, "You are an idiot." (0:44)

Clive tells Sally’s fiancee Mr. Bailey"... in the dark forest of every human personality there’s a tiger, a sleeping tiger." (0:50)

Glenda tells Clive, "Psychology pays off." (0:50)

Frank tells Clive, referring to Frank’s father, "... and then he beat me."
”... a week later he was dead.”
”The day they buried him, that night, she got drunk.”
Frank faints. (1:02)

Glenda tells Frank, "Don’t worry." (1:10)

Frank tells the others, "Oh, don’t worry."
Clive: ”... frankly we’re worried about you.”
Frank: ”Well, you don’t have to worry about me...” (1:14)

Glenda tells Frank, "You must be out of your mind." (1:17)

Glenda tells Frank, referring to Clive, "He was raving, insane."
”He’s crazy.”
Driving into a wall, Glenda kills herself. (1:25)