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The Souvenir

Honor Swinton Byrne, Tom Burke, Tilda Swinton, Richard Ayoade, Ariane Labed
heroin | methadone | Physeptone
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Film student Julie, referring to a character in her screenplay: "He almost has an obsession with her... and of course in the end, she dies." (0:01)

Julie tells her government worker friend Anthony, "Really interesting for me, that metaphor." (0:04)

Anthony asks Julie, "What’s all that about therapy?"
Julie: ”Well, it’s my version of therapy, really.” (0:22)

Julie answers her friend Patrick, "I was so nervous."
Patrick: ”You don’t seem druggy to me.”
Referring to Anthony: ”Okay, so, habitual heroin user, trainee Rotarian...” (0:42)

Professor: "You can see that they look a bit nervous..." (0:46)

Anthony tells Julie, referring to Desiree, "She went mad with jealousy and jumped in a canal... at least that was what her suicide note implie." (0:48)

Film professor tells students, "I mean, if Psycho, the scene in Psycho, the shower scene..."
Julie: ”This scene could be related to that scene in Psycho.”
”You see the end result, which could be, in Psycho, her dead body...” (0:52)

Julie asks Anthony, "Did you score today?"
”I feel like you’re on something.”
Anthony: ”I think you’re nervous.” (1:06)

Woman at support group meeting: "I ended up in a coma... I had overdoses... I’ll give you this Physeptone, if you just call this number... I came to meetings, went out again... I’ve ended up in ... mental hospitals, straight jacketed, screaming, psychosis... all for that feeling of the drug, which sometimes, even in recovery, and I think, oh Jesus, I just need a hit, but not today, just for today." (1:11)

Marlan asks Julie, "Are you hungover?" (1:16)

Drug paraphernalia (1:20)

By telephone, Anthony’s mother Barbara tells Julie, "We’ve been so worried about him." (1:25)

Anthony in the throes of withdrawal from heroin (1:31)

Anthony tells Julie, referring to an escapee, "Keeps escaping from the Brendan Ward... Dangerous to themselves and other people." (1:33)

Anthony asks Julie, "Are you worried about me now?" (1:35)

By telephone, Julie tells Anthony(?), "... I shouldn’t have worried so much." (1:42)

Garance tells a cameraman, "That’s Diva."
Marland: ”Like, I saw that one, Subway, by Besson.” (1:44)

Julie’s note, left for Anthony: "Don’t worry about waking us..." (1:49)

Julie grieves the apparent death of Anthony. (1:50)

Her mother Rosalind tells Julie, "Anthony had been found... where he had, uh, taken an overdose... he died." (1:51)