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The Stepfather (2009)

Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward, Penn Badgley, Amber Heard, Jon Tenney
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David Harris tells Susan Kerns Harding, "I lost my wife and daughter in an accident last year. Drunk driver." (0:06)

Susan asks her sister Jackie Kerns, "Do you think I’m crazy to be engaged to someone I’ve only known for six months?"
Jackie: ”You’ve always been crazy. He seems a little crazy too, about you.” (0:10)

David tells Susan’s son Michael, "Now don’t let your mom know I’ve got a tequila stash. I know this must be a bit of a shock, your mom and me getting married and all..." (0:14)

Susan tells Michael, "David lost his wife and daughter in an accident."
Michael’s sister Beth: ”Yeah, a drunk driver.” (0:21)

Susan tells Mrs. Cutter, "Don’t worry." (0:24)

Susan tells David, referring to Mrs. Cutter’s cats, "They make my allergies go crazy." (0:24)

Michael tells David, "Don’t worry." (0:28)

Jackie tells David, "Don’t worry about it." (0:40)

Michael asks Sean, "Are you worried about David?" (0:41)

David renders Susan’s ex-husband Jay unconscious with a blow to the head. (0:46)

Jackie tells Susan, "I’m kind of confused..." (0:46)

His girlfriend Kelly Porter tells Michael, "You’re obsessing. You know, you’re just a little freaked out that your mom’s marrying a stranger... If you’re gonna obsess about something, you should obsess about something that really matters." (0:59)

Kelly tells Micheal, "You’re crazy." (1:00)

Susan tells Michael, referring to Jay, "Honey, I’m sure he just got crazy with work." (1:04)

By telephone, Michael tells Kelly, "... maybe I am obsessing."
”... I guess the rest of it is just me freaking out.”
Kelly: ”No more obsessing?” (1:05)

David tells Susan, "It’s a mild sleeping pill." (1:23)

Kelly: "That’s insane, Michael." (1:23)

Susan tells Michael, "You were in a coma." (1:35)

David, now as Chris Ames, tells shopping mom Julie King, "I lost my wife and daughter in a car accident."
Mom: ”I lost my husband two years ago.” (1:36)