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The Straight Story

Richard Farnsworth, Sissy Spacek, Harry Dean Stanton, Jane Galloway Heitz, Everett McGill, Wiley Harker, Kevin Farley
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His friend Bud asks Alvin Straight, "You nuts?"
Dorothy asks Bud, ”Are you crazy?” (0:06)

Dr. Gibbons tells Alvin, "... I’m worried about your diet." (0:10)

His daughter Rose tells Alvin, "Uncle Lyle... had a... a stroke." (0:15)

Alvin tells hitchhiker Crystal, referring to his wife, "Frances died in ‘81."
”My daughter Rose, some people call her a little bit slow, but she’s not... The state figured she wasn’t competent to take care of them kids, and they took ‘em all away from her.” (0:41)

Alvin tells the others, referring to his brother Lyle, "He’s had a bad stroke." (1:05)

Alvin tells a man, referring to his drinking problem, "... a preacher... helped me see the reason I was drinkin’: I was seein’ all them things here that I’d seen over there."
The man tells him about a traumatic event during the war.
Alvin tells the man how he unintentionally shot one of his fellow soldiers. (1:15)

Graveyard (1:31)

Alvin tells a priest, "Well, neither one of us has had a brother for quite some time."
”... you’ve got two brothers that haven’t spoken in ten years.” (1:33)

How would you account for Rose's (Sissy Spacek) halting speech? Intellectual disability or speech disturbance, maybe a form of stuttering?