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The Strange One

Ben Gazzara, Pat Hingle, Peter Mark Richman, Arthur Storch, Paul E. Richards, Larry Gates, Clifton James, Geoffrey Horne, James Olson, George Peppard
ethyl alcohol
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Cadet Sgt. Jocko De Paris tells two cadets, "You freshmen seem shocked by our friendly visit..."
”You insane brutes rest.”
Cadet Simmons asks Jocko, ”Sir, did you know that alcohol is the opium of the Wetern world?”
Jocko: ”Now you listen to me, you ridiculous idiot...”
Cadet Harold Koble: ”... you’re not planning on getting Roger really drunk, are you, Jock?”
Jocko: ”Mr. Simmons is going to get him dead drunk, Harold.”
Harold: ”... ol’ Rog fights when he gets drunk, Jock.” (0:05)

Jocko tells Cadet Roger Gatt, referring to Simmons, "He’s what the coconut doctors call a schizophrenic... the other part of him’s a teetotaling parson who raves and rants against demon rum."
”Roger, it’s all that schizophrenic’s fault, and you know what a schizophrenic is, don’t you, Rog?.”
”You take that schizophrenic stuff back to Sweden, Mr. Simmons.”
Referring to Simmons; ”An idiot like that is better off dead anyhow, Harold.” (0:17)

Jocko tells Roger, "I never chew my spinach twice, you overgrown moron." (0:24)

A cadet tells the others, "He wasn’t dead, just drunk and beat up..." (0:26)

Officer: "A cadet was found this morning unconscious on the quadrangle of Headfield Barracks." (0:26)

Col. M. N. Ramey asks Jocko, "Just to refresh my memory, what was that punishment order for?"
Jocko: ”... my harshness toward Cadet Avery seems to have given him an obsession about me.”
”Well, sir, I don’t know much about these mental things... He thinks I’m trying to persecute him, sir.”
Ramey: ”Does he think anyone else has been persecuting him, or just you?”
”In other words, you feel that because of the discipline of the school, and in particular because of your mistake in harshness, Cadet Avery’s had a nervous breakdown?”
Jocko: ”Well, sir, I think he’s had more than a nervous breakdown. I think he’s had a mental breakdown. Why else would a cadet with a perfect record get drunk and wreck his whole career?”
Ramey: ”What makes you think he was drunk?”
Jocko: ”Well, being found like that on the quadrangle, passed out, liquor bottles all around him. I assumed he must be drunk.”
Ramey: ”Could have a mild concussion, and not be drunk at all.”
Jocko: ”He reeked of alcohol.”
Ramey: ”I’m having the State Police analyze a sample of cadet Avery’s blood.”
”You see, Cadet de Paris, now if laboratory analysis shows there’s no alcohol in a man’s blood, well then, even though he’s reeking of whiskey, and his clothes are covered with it, and there’s liquor bottles all around, and he’s dazed from a bad beating, you can be sure of one thing: He’s sober.”
Jocko: ”Well, yes, sir, but if this test seems to show that Cadet Avery was sober, then that would mean some college cadet deliberately tried to make him look guilty.” (0:27)

Jocko: "Why, Harold, what a feeble memory you have."
”You stood by while a man was beaten unconscious.” (0:33)

Officer: "Special punishment for Cadet Avery G. for drunkenness..." (0:36)

Jocko: "You’ve been a mad, inhibited beast long enough, Mr. Simmons."
”Well speak, you idiot.”
”You’re nuts.”
Simmons: ”You see, sir, my cousin Horace was killed in the last war...”
”If you make me go out with this girl, I’m going to throw myself off the roof.” (0:42)

Roger tells Jocko, "I’ll be dogged if I’m losing my killer instinct." (0:48)

Cadet Perrin "Cockroach" McKee tells Jocko, "Now I know exactly how you beat Georgie unconscious. You got him drunk by sticking that tube down his throat and pouring whiskey in him." (0:54)

Perrin tells Jocko, "Well, don’t worry..." (0:59)

Major George Avery, Sr. tells Jocko, referring to Cadet George Avery, Jr., "Besides, after all, the boy was dead drunk."
Jocko: ”Well, sir, as sympathetic as I am to your son...”
Avery: ”There’s no way a man can get drunk and not drink, is there, Cadet De Paris?”
Referring to the gag reflex: ”It happens even when you’re unconscious.”
”That’s how they put tubes down people’s throats if they’ve swallowed poison or sleeping pills.”
Jocko: ”I can’t believe you’d make an unfounded, crazy charge as that, sir.”
”Now, sir, if I was such a Machiavellian, crafty, conniving character as all that, would I be so stupid as to leave whiskey in that tube for you to come along and find it?”
”Your son got blind drunk, fell down a flight of stairs and passed out on the quadrangle. The sad fact is, he’s had a nervous breakdown. Well, if you want my advice, sir, then I suggest you put your son in a sanitarium... You know, they say these mental breakdowns often come from a lack of harmony in the home.” (1:09)

Cadet Robert Marquales asks Harold, referring to Jocko: "A sadistic bully, and they broke his rank?" (1:20)

Jocko tells Peonie, referring to Simmons, "Well, now, he’s very handsome, and he’s intelligent, and he’s very cultured."
Jocko tells Perrin: ”I’m not in the mood for literature tonight.” (1:22)

Jocko tells the others, "I think you’re all out of your minds."
Referring to a document: ”This is crazy.”
”Now, you guys are nuts.”
Jjocko tells Cadet Col. Laurie Corger, ”I can see you’re more sympathetic to them anyhow.” (1:27)

Would you diagnose Jocko as a psychopath or sociopath?