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The Sweet Hereafter

Ian Holm, Caerthan Banks, Sarah Polley, Tom McCamus, Gabrielle Rose, Alberta Watson, Maury Chaykin, Stephanie Morgenstern, Arsinée Khanjian, Earl Pastko, Bruce Greenwood
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By telephone, Zoe Stephens asks her lawyer father Mitchell Stephens, "Oh, because you think I'm stoned, Daddy?... You think I've got a needle stuck in my arm?" (0:05)

Motel owner Wendell Walker tells Mitchell, "Kyle Lampston’s a drunk."
Drunk driving.
Wendell’s wife Risa, referring to Kyle Lampston: ”... coming home drunk...”
Wendell: ”... And he beat her.”
Mitchell: ”He beat her?”
Wendell, referring to the Ottos: ”Yeah, and they probably smoke weed.” (0:12)

Wanda Otto tells her adopted son, "Go on, Bear, away from your crazy mother." (0:20)

Mitchell asks bus driver Dolores Driscoll, referring to the Ottos, "Do they have any reputation for drugs?" (0:19)

Mitchell answers Zoe's childhood friend Alison O'Donnell: "Clinics, halfway houses, treatment centers, detox units." (0:28)

Mitchell tells Wanda Otto, "It should be said that my task is to represent the Walkers only in their anger, not their grief." (0:33)

Mitchell tells Allison, referring to Zoe, "I did everything the loving father of a drug addict is supposed to do... money for some new kind of therapist... Well, enough rage and helplessness..." (0:38)

Dolores tells Mitchell, referring to the Walker’s son, "Sean, he has some kind of learning disability... and he's too nervous to play sports." (0:52)

Mitchell tells Allison, "I was in a complete panic." (0:57)

Nicole Burnell tells Mitchell, referring to the accident, "I don't even remember it happening." (1:11)

Mitchell tells mechanic Billy Ansel, "All I'm saying is let me direct your rage."
Referring to Zoe: ”She's a drug addict.”
Referring to children: ”They wander comatose at the shopping malls.” (1:16)

Dolores’ husband Abbott uses aphasic speech talking to Mitchell. (1:22)

Nicole's father Sam shells delete, "Well, it being so depressing and all..." (1:27)

A lawyer tells Nicole in deposition, "Well then, now that your memory seems to be clearing..." (1:38)

Mitchell, referring to Nicole: "Right now, Sam, the thing you've got to worry about is why she lied." (1:42)