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The Thrill of It All!

CastDoris Day, James Garner, Arlene Francis, Edward Andrews, Reginald Owen, Zasu Pitts, Elliott Reid, Kym Karath, Alice Pearce, Brian Nash
Year released1963
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Obstetrician Dr. Gerald Boyer answers his wife Beverly, "Mrs. Fraleigh, one of my patients." (0:10)

Gerald tells Beverly, "That took the pressure off psychologically." (0:12)

Beverly tells television executive Mike Palmer, "I stammered all over the place. I looked like an idiot."
Palmer, referring to company owner Tom Fraleigh: ”... old Tom was enchanted with your stammering.” (0:30)

Beverly tells Palmer, "I was so nervous." (0:40)

Beverly tells Mrs. Fraleigh, "I was a nervous wreck." (0:44)

A service man asks Beverly, "What kind of a nut would have three truckloads of spuds in their backyard?" (1:17)

Sign on door: "Psychiatrist, Frederick W. Ehrlich, M.D." (1:20)

Gerald asks Ehrlich, "Do you mean what's the hidden psychiatric meaning behind my borrowing a match when I already had matches?... I’m sure that you would diagnose it as, uh, a convenient subconscious attempt for me to come in here and chat with you." (1:21)

Gerald tells Beverly, "I've got patients waiting." (1:23)

Gerald feigns drunkenness. (1:29)

Palmer tells Beverly, "Can't have a nervous, overwrought, unhappy housewife telling America about Happy Soap." (1:30)

Gardiner Fraleigh tells the others, "There’s nothing to worry about." (1:34)

Gardiner answers chauffeur Sidney, "The hospital, you idiot." (1:34)

A motorist asks Gardiner, "What are you, a nut?" (1:39)

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