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The Tobacconist

Simon Morzé, Bruno Ganz, Johannes Krisch, Emma Drogunova
Anna Freud | Sigmund Freud | Adolf Hitler | tobacco
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Der Trafikant

Franzl Huchel’s mother Gretl realizes Preininger Lois has died from a lightning strike.
Funeral for Preininger Lois (0:04)

Tobacconist Otto Trsnyek tells Franzl, "A tobacconist’s capital is his memory." (0:15)

Otto tells customer Red Egon, "That stuff in there about world peace and justice: all just illusions." (0:16)

Otto tells Franz, referring to a customer, "By the way, that was Professor Sigmund Freud."
Franz: ”Professor Freud?”
Otto: ”He treats nut cases... He sets their head straight...” (0:20)

Freud answers Franz, "If I am lucky, my patient and I." (0:22)

Freud tells Franz, "I’m giving you three prescriptions, oral ones... The third prescription is for heartaches." (0:35)

His wife Martha tells Freud, "Another patient just cancelled." (0:38)

A comedian imitates Adolf Hitler. (0:54)

Patient Mrs. Buccleton in psychoanalytic session with Freud (1:00)

Freud asks Franz, "Do you love her, this Anezka, or is it just your libido?"
”I’ve gotten over my libido, ages ago.”
”Love, libido...”
”Now Hitler is marching into Vienna.” (1:02)

Red Egon jumps to his death from atop a building. (1:05)

Photograph of Hitler in a newspaper. (1:06)

Franz writes to Gretl: "Crazy people, running around like headless chickens..." (1:07)

Gretl writes Franz, "Hitler’s hanging on the pub and school walls now, right next to Jesus." (1:08)

Man’s voice: "Heil Hitler." (1:10)

Otto tells Franz, "Shut your trap, you idiot." (1:13)

A court clerk tells Franz, "Heil Hitler."
”Heil Hitler...” (1:17)

Martha tells Franz, "My husband doesn’t see patients anymore."
Franz: ”I’m not here as a patient...” (1:18)

Franz tells Freud, "Mama knows a lot about people and their crazy ways..." (1:21)

A man delivers a package to Franz and says, "Heil Hitler." (1:29)

Franz reads a note in the package: "... to inform you about the decease of Herr Otto Trsnyek and notify you that Herr T. succumbed to a heart condition..." (1:29)

Freud tells his daughter, "Thanks, Anna." (1:40)

Franzl writes to Gretl, "Yesterday Otto Trsnyek died." (1:45)

Newspaper photographs of Hitler, then Freud. (1:47)