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The Trouble With Harry

Edmund Gwenn, John Forsythe, Mildred Natwick, Mildred Dunnock, Jerry Mathers, Royal Dano, Parker Fennelly, Barry Macollum, Dwight Marfield, Shirley MacLaine, Alfred Hitchcock
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Capt. Albert Wiles tells Miss Ivy Gravely, "We had a Turk, a great big Turk there, running amok with a machete." (0:08)

Artist Sam Marlowe tells Mrs. Wiggs, "I’ve been in a tortured mood lately." (0:16)

Albert tells Sam, "First thing I seen, when I rolled out this morning, was a double-breasted robin, drunk as a hoot owl from eating fermented chokecherries."
Sam: ”You’ve got nothing to worry about.”
Albert: ”... it’s not him that I’m worried about...”
”It’s me that’s worrying me.”
Referring to Jenifer Rogers: ”She was downright hysterical with delight.” (0:26)

Jennifer tell Sam, referring to her husband, "And then Robert got killed."
”I was heartbroken for six weeks...”
Referring to her second husband, Robert’s brother Harry: ”I hit him over the head with a milk bottle and knocked him silly.”
Bats. Tappy.” (0:39)

Ivy tells Albert, referring to a coffee cup, "My father always used it, up until he died."
Albert: ”Don’t you worry about Harry.” (0:44)

Albert tells Sam, "But I’ll get the shakes whenever I see a policeman..."
Referring to Jennifer: ”Well, you said she hit him on the head.” (0:53)

Albert finishes Ivy’s sentence: "Sympathy."
Ivy: ”The man you thought you killed was the man I hit over the head with the leather heel of my hiking shoe.”
Allbert: ”He must have mistaken you for somebody else.”
Ivy: ”Now I realize that Harry man was out of his mind...” (0:58)

Ivy tells Jennifer,s "... nobody could possibly gossip about a lady and a maniac." (1:05)

Mrs. Wiggs tells the others, referring to sassafras, "Mr. Wiggs always swore it cured his arthritis just before he died." (1:09)

Albert: "But modern police methods are all psychological now, Sammy -- psychological." (1:17)

Ivy tells the others, "They’d only have to know me to realize the man must have been mad." (1:20)

Jennifer tells the others, "I could tell them Harry visited me and went off in such a rage today..." (1:21)

Sam tells Albert, "Nothing to worry about." (1:26)

Deputy Sheriff Calvin Wiggs tells Sam, referring to the bum, "He almost fainted..."
Sam: ”From my vast subconscious.”
Referring to the drawing: ”It was conceived out of memory and half-forgotten impulse...”
”My subconscious is peopled with enough faces to cover the earth...” (1:29)

Jennifer tells Dr. Greenboy, referring to Harry, "It was the blow he got from the heel of Miss Gravely’s shoe after he attacked her."
”He was dazed, I suppose, after I hit him on the head with a milk bottle.”
”Hit him on the head?” (1:35)