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The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Catherine Deneuve, Nino Castelnuovo, Anne Vernon, Ellen Farner, Marc Michel, Mirelle Perrey, Harald Wolff
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His Aunt Élise tells car mechanic Guy Foucher, "You seem very nervous." (0:09)

Umbrella sales clerk Geneviève Emery tells Guy her mother would tell her, "My little girl, you are crazy, thinking of marriage at your age." (0:15)

Her mother tells Geneviève, "My little girl, you're crazy, thinking of marriage at 16." (0:15)

Geneviève’s mother tells jewel merchant Roland Cassard, referring to Geneviève, "I can no longer keep her entertained, and I fear she'll become depressed."
”We've been so lonely since my husband died.” (0:26)

Geneviève tells Guy, referring to her mother, "She said I'm crazy, of course..." (0:29)

Geneviève tells her mother, referring to the doctor, "He gave me a prescription, sedatives..."
Geneviève faints. (0:43)

Geneviève’s mother: "I'm really worried." (0:50)

Geneviève: "Don't worry about my life, mother." (1:02)

Madeleine tells Guy, crying, "Élise died last night." (1:19)

Funeral for Élise (1:19)

Guy asks Geneviève, "Are you in mourning?"
Geneviève: ”Mother died last autumn.” (1:29)