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The Women

Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Mary Boland, Paulette Goddard, Joan Fontaine, Hedda Hopper, Phyllis Povah, Virginia Grey
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Sylvia Fowler tells a friend, "You’re going to swoon, my dear, when I tell you." (0:16)

Sylvia asks Mary Haines, "There’s nothing worrying Stevie, is there?" (0:18)

Mary tells her mother, "It’s wrong, shockingly wrong."
Mary’s mother: ”I didn’t want to worry you...” (0:29)

By telephone, perfume sales lady Crystal Allen tells Mary’s engineer husband Stephen Haines, "Don’t worry, my sweet... It’s such good discipline for my selfishness about you."
Crystal’s coworker Pat, referring to Crystal’s sister: ”She got a hangover.” (0:34)

Crystal tells customer Sylvia, referring to perfume, "I wouldn’t think that one suggested your personality at all." (0:38)

Sylvia tells Mary, "I hope it’s not from worry." (0:43)

Crystal tells Mary, "You don’t have to get hysterical about it."
”Oh, don’t think it’s because your husband isn’t crazy about me.” (0:57)

Sylvia tells the instructor, "Of course my sympathies are with Mrs. Haines." (1:00)

Sylvia tells Edith Potter, "Oh, now Edith, don’t worry about it."
”Oh, you remember the awful things they printed about that what’s her name before she jumped out the window... ” (1:04)

Haines’ maid Jane tells maid Maggie, "That’s what she thought... because she said, kind of hysterical..." (1:08)

Her mother tells Mary, "The traffic’s maddening." (1:11)

Her friend Peggy Day tells Mary, "Oh Mary, if I couldn’t have caught this train to be with you, I’d have jumped right in front of it." (1:21)

Peggy Day tells Lucy, referring to Lucy’s husband, "He beat you..."
Countess de Lave: ”Gallop, gallop, gallop, madly over the sage brush.” (1:28)

Woman: "Oh, crazy. She’s a cuckoo."
Miriam Aarons: ”I’ve got to be careful of hydrophobia.”
Lucy: ”Listen, Mrs. Fowler, you’ve got the hysterics.” (1:37)

Miriam asks Mary, "Shocked you?"
”... so he’s back there stumbling around in the open, delirious and unprotected...” (1:44)

Sylvia tells Crystal, "I’ll have to tell that to my psychoanalyst... Dr. Sylvester says Stephen has a guilt complex." (1:52)

Edith Potter tells Mary, referring to Sylvia, "Well, she’s going to that new psychoanalyst..."
”She’s mad about him/” (1:56)

Little Mary tells her mother, "You know, you’re a very sympathetic mother." (2:01)

Crystal: "Stephen’s in such a mood." (2:05)

Sylvia tells Mary, referring to Dr. Sylvester, "You know perfectly well the doctor never discusses his patients." (2:07)

Mary tells gossip columnist Dolly Dupuyster, "Go up there and dig up Buck Winston. Ask him what famous society matron is crazy about him." (2:08)

Miriam tells Mary, "Don’t worry, honey."
Countess de Lave: ”Get me a bromide...”
Crystal tells Mary, ”You can’t stampede me by gossip or the drunken ravings of Buck Winston.” (2:10)