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Three Smart Girls

Binnie Barnes, Deanna Durbin, Nan Grey, Barbara Read, Charles Winninger, Alice Brady, Donald O'Connor, John Dall, Helena Carter, Margaret Wycherly
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Penny tells her sisters, "We’d be shock troops."
Maid Martha tells Penny, ”You’re crazy.” (0:09)

Penny: "Don’t you worry, Martha.13" (0:)

Their father’s investment manager Bill Evans tells Penny’s sisters Kay and Joan, "I've got nothing to worry about." (0:27)

Bill tells the girls, referring to Count Arisztid, "If we sober him up, give him plenty of ready cash and..." (0:38)

Bill tells Joan, "Now don’t worry..."
”Now I’ve gotta go sober up the Count.” (0:39)

Kay asks Lord Michael Stuart, "Are you quite sure you’re sober?" (0:43)

Kay tells Michael, "Oh, you should stop drinking."
Michael: ”Oh, I promise you I’ll never touch another drop.” (0:44)

Joan tells Kay, referring to Michael, "He’s not bad for a drunkard." (0:46)

Michael tells Kay, referring to Kay’s father Judson’s fiance Donna Lyons, "You know, she’s very lovely, and so intelligent, and beautiful, and charming." (0:52)

Kay asks Michael, "Can’t you stop drinking?"
Michael: ”There’s no telling when the urge might come over me.” (0:53)

Donna’s mother tells Judson, "... you mustn’t worry, Judson." (0:56)

Bill tells Penny, referring to Arisztid, "He’s probably sober by this time, that drunken crook." (1:02)

Penny tells Judson, referring to her gloves, "I wore them to keep me from biting my nails when I’m worried."
Judson: ”Oh, don’t worry anymore, darling.” (1:11)

A policeman tells Penny, referring to Judson, "He’s worried sick about you." (1:16)