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Three and Out

Mackenzie Crook, Colm Meaney, Imelda Staunton, Gemma Arterton, Annette Badland, Emma Barnett, Mark Benton, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Frank Dunne, Kerry Katona
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Vic tells train operator Paul Callow, "... posttraumatic stress."
Coworker Ash: ”Did you see the trauma team?”
Vic: ”Asked if I wanted counseling or someone in the cab.”
, ”... i hear one of them counselors is hot.” (0:01)

Ash tells Paul, "... the psychological effect is still the same, isn’t it?" (0:04)

Radio reporter: "Now the authorities are increasingly concerned about the rising suicide rate."
Advertisement: ”Are you feeling tired or stressed...?” (0:07)

Paul thinks he sees a man holding a book entitled "Suicide Guide." On closer examination, the title reads, “Coming Out Is Not Social Suicide.” (0:10)

Paul searches the Web for "Suicide chat room." (0:10)

Paul tells Maurice, "I’ll be driving the train, and you can, you know, jump."
Maurice: ”Are you crazy?”
Paul: ”Eat what?”
Maurice: ”Me!... Don’t worry, Paul.”
Headline: ”Chilling Words of Cannibal Killer’s Victim” (0:11)

Paul stops Tommy Cassidy from jumping off a bridge. (0:13)

Paul tells the man, "I want you to kill yourself."
Tommy: ”... and you can shove that reverse psychology up your hole.”
Paul: ”I want you to kill yourself.”
”I was wondering if you’d be interested in throwing yourself in front of my train.”
Tommy: ”Right, and I just throw meself under your train, presumably with a smile on me face?”
”No worries.” (0:15)

Paul asks Tommy, "Isn’t it a sin to commit suicide if you’re a Catholic?" (0:25)

Paul tells Tommy, "This is madness."
”This is mental.” (0:29)

Maurice, by telephone: "Paul, it is your destiny to eat me." (0:36)

His wife Rosemary tells Tommy, "Eight years without a bloody word." (0:45)

Rosemary tells Tommy, "Oh, well, if a shark is a cold-blooded, selfish creature, only concerned with his own wants and needs, well, then, you’re not far away." (0:54)

Paul tells Rosemary and Tommy’s daughter Frankie, referring to his novel, "It’s all about a tube driver, terribly handsome, comes to the lake district, meets this feisty young girl... and they get drunk."
Frankie tells Paul, ”’Round here, their idea of a good time is to get shit-faced as quickly as possible, and then shag anyone who’ll let them, and then do it all again tomorrow.” (0:56)

Tommy tells Frankie, "I hate meself for what I’ve done..." (1:07)

Paul tells Tommy, "You’re the one who’s topping himself, mate.”
”Not all of us are filled with such self-pity they feel the need to kill themselves." (1:10)

Tommy tells Paul, "I never heard of someone killing themselves because they had angina."
”I’m a stubborn selfish bastard.” (1:17)

Tommy tells Paul, "If I’d jumped from that bridge, the only thing I would have left behind was a traffic jam all the way up to the angel."
Paul: ”I'm an idiot... It’s crazy.” (1:24)

Tommy writes to Frankie: "I’ve been stupid and selfish and pig-heaed." (1:28)

Tommy stands on the tracks as Paul drives the train. (1:34)

Paul sees a vision of Tommy. (1:37)