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Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

CastVictoria Abril, Antonio Banderas, Loles León, Julieta Serrano, María Barranco, Francisco Rabal, Lola Cardona, Montse G. Romeu, Rossy de Palma
Year released1990
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The film opens in a psychiatric hospital. The hospital director tells patient Ricky, "You won't have to run away anymore."
Ricky: ”Don't worry.”
The director tells Ricky, referring to the money she has given him, ”It's for the drawings and for the mad, passionate moments you gave me.” (0:03)

Film director Máximo tells journalist Montse, "My wife says I'm regressing back to childhood."
Montse: ”Aren't you worried about making your come back with a spin-off?”
”I meant from among so many actresses, why choose a porn actress and a junkie?”
Máximo: ”If you want to leave here alive, don't mention the words ‘porn’ and ‘junkie’ again.”
Montse: ”I promise not to mention ‘poor’ or ‘junkie’ again.” (0:11)

Actress Marina tells Ricky, "Regular painkillers don't work for me. I was hooked on smack before. When you’re used to heroin, painkillers don't do shit."
”Only morphine would help, something like that.”
Marina: ”The doctor who detoxed me could give me something.” (0:34)

Máximo tells the producer, Marina’s sister, "Lola, please forgive my alcohol-induced aggression..." (0:37)

Marina tells her physician Berta, "I've taken four Fiorinals."
Berta: ”Painkillers are useless after everything else you took.”
”How about Sosegon?”
”You can get hooked on this too.”
Berta asks Ricky, ”You want a joint?”
”Marina, you look nervous... You look so uptight.”
”I'll give you some Dolantin. You're a born dope fiend.”
”You're very agitated.”
”Don't worry.” (0:38)

A pharmacist and tells her lover, "Probably some junkie." (0:42)

Handing her Berta's prescription, Ricky tells the pharmacist, "We need some Sosegon."
Marina: ”We have a legal prescription.”
Marina: ”You can get Sosegon in the plaza in Chueca” (0:42)

Ricky asks a drug dealer, "You got Sosegon?"
Dealer: ”No, but I got hash and scag.” (0:47)

Ricky asks another drug dealer, "You got any Sosegon?"
Dealer: ”Don't yell, you idiot.” (0:47)

Ricky, referring to Marina: "She's out cold." (0:49)

Marina snorts an unidentified drug.
Ricky asks her, ”You think I'm an idiot?” (0:52)

Máximo tells Lola, "You look worried."
Lola: ”I've got a hangover.”
Lola stands in front of a poster for Invasion of the Body Snatchers. (0:53, 1:22)

Ricky reads a note to Marina from Lola, "I'm worried sick... If you need to go cold turkey, I’ll be there for you." (1:03)

Ricky tells Marina, "Don't worry."
Referring to Lola: ”... she'll stop worrying, too... One wrong word and I'll slit your throat and then my own.” (1:04)

By telephone Marina’s mother tells her, "Don't worry."
”Don't worry.” (1:06)

Marina tells Ricky the only thing for her pain would be "Maybe some horse."
Marina watches Night of the Living Dead on television. (1:09)

One drug dealer tells another, "I think he's pretty worried."
Other drug dealer: ”I'm worried too, man.”
Ricky asks one of the men, ”Got any smack?” (1:10)

A junkie on the street tells Ricky, "You're crazy." (1:12)

A drug dealer tells her thug, "You enjoyed it, you sadist." (1:13)

Ricky asks Marina, "You crazy?" (1:17)

Ricky recounts his life to Marina: "Mental hospital at 16."
”... thinking took up all my time, so I stopped acting crazy.” (1:20)

Lola asks Marina, "You been taking dope?"
”You're crazy... It must be the shock.” (1:30)

Lola tells Marina, "I brought you a sleeping pill." (1:32)

Ricky tells Lola, "Don't worry." (1:37)

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