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Total Recall

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticotin, Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox, Michael Ironside, Marshall Bell, Mel Johnson Jr., Roy Brocksmith, Ray Baker, Alexia Robinson, Mark Carlton, Debbie Lee Carrington, Robert Costanzo, Marc Alaimo, Anne Lockhart
Philip K. Dick
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His wife Lori tells construction worker Doug Quaid, “This is getting to be an obsession.” (0:04)

Television ad: “... then come to Rekall Incorporated, where you can buy the memory of your ideal vacation... Call Rekall, for the memory of a lifetime.” (0:10)

Quaid asks his coworker Harry about Rekall, “Where they sell those fake memories.”
Harry: A friend of mine tried one of their special offers, nearly got himself lobotomised.” (0:11)

Rekall salesman Bob tells Quaid, “As real as any memory in your head.”
Quaid: “What about the guy you lobotomised?”
Bob: “We call it the ego trip.” (0:13)

Rekall memory programmer Renata: “I’ll be asking some questions, Doug, so we can fine tune the ego program.” (0:17)

Renata tells Bob by intercom, “It looks like we got another schizoid embolism.” (0:18)

Renata tells Bob, “It’s not my fault we hit a memory cap.” Ernie sedates Quaid.
Bob: “He’s just acting out the ‘secret agent’ portion of his ego trip.”
Renata: “Someone has erased his memory.”
Bob: “Renata, cover up any memory that he’s got of us or Rekall.” (0:19)

Quaid asks Harry, “Are you crazy?” (0:22)

Quaid tells Lori, “I know it sounds crazy...”
Lori: “You’re having paranoid delusions.”
Doug: “You call this a delusion?”
Lori: “Our marriage is just a memory implant.” (0:24)

TV ad: “Don’t settle for pale memories or fake implants.” (0:32)

Mars Gov. Cohaagen tells agent Richter, “I wanted him dead, you moron. (0:33)

Quaid sees his double. Doppelganger? (0:38)

Resistance fighter Melina asks Quaid (now Hauser), ”Did you get amnesia?” (0:58)

Rekall developer Dr. Edgemar tells Hauser, “What you’re experiencing is a free-form delusion based on our memory tapes...”
Hauser: “If it is my delusion, who the hell invented you?”
Edgemar: “I’m sorry to tell you this, Mr. Quaid, but you’ve suffered a schizoid embolism.”
”... all elements of your Rekall Holiday and Ego Trip.”
”That you’re having a paranoid episode, triggered by acute neurochemical trauma?”
”With no one to guide you out, you’ll be stuck in permanent psychosis...”
”... back on earth you’ll be lobotomised.” (1:01)

Hauser: “You idiot!” (1:11)

Resistance leader Kuato tells Quaid, “A man is defined by his actions not his memory.” (1:19)

Cohaagen: “Don’t be an idiot.” (1:21)

Quaid tells Cohaagen, referring to Richter, “This idiot here has been trying to kill me ever since I went to Rekall.”
Cohaagen: ”You pop your memory cap before we can activate you?” (1:25)

A Rekall technician tells Quaid, “If you don’t keep still you’ll end up psychotic.” (1:30)

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