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Tromeo and Juliet

Jane Jensen, Will Keenan, Valentine Miele, Stephen Blackehart, Debbie Rochon, Jacqueline Tavarez, David Gunn
Jackson Pollock | fluoxetine | Prozac | methamphetamine | Food and Drug Administration
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Narrator: "... the spice of their unholy vice and the firmest grip of their parents rage." (0:01)

Sammy tells his sister Georgie, "I have some crystal meth in my underwear. Let's go down to the men's bathroom and snort it on up."
”We've got perverts. We've got anorexia.”
Georgie: ”Don't be retarded.” (0:03)

Woman getting pierced: "It's like, um, codependency." (0:05)

Cappy Capulet asks Benny and Murray, "How would you like me to use your guts to Jackson Pollock the streets?" (0:12)

Benny tells Murray Martini, referring to Ingrid Capulet, "In my book, she is just as bad as that ugly sadistic clown." (0:20)

Cappy calls Monty Que, "An alcoholic burned-out scumbag loser." (0:25)

When meet business owner London Arbuckle discovers that his fiance Juliet is vegetarian, he cuts himself with a knife. (0:30)

Poster for "Class of Nuke 'Em High" (0:40)

Poster for "Squeeze Play" (0:47)

Poster for "Stuck on You!" (0:56)

London punches himself in the face. (0:57)

London beats his head against a dead pig, then stabs himself with a meat hook. (1:04)

Cappy beats Juliet. (1:14)

the priest tells Juliet, referring to herbalist Fu Chang, "He's run an opium den for 30 years..." (1:18)

In the Opium Den a woman smokes and opium pipe and a man smokes a hookah. Another woman injects herself. (1:19)

Juliet: "Oh, true apothecary, thy drugs are quick."
Tyrone: ”After all, it wasn't FDA approved.”
Murray: ”You are correct, Prozac boy.” (1:22)

London throws himself through the window to his death. (1:27)

A woman tells the detective, "My father is an alcoholic." (1:35)

"So this is the dawn of the 21st age, where love ever rules, and all is insane." (1:41)

Reference in Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead