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Twentieth Century

John Barrymore, Carole Lombard
Ernest Hemingway
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Producer Oscar Jaffe tells actor Lily Garland, "Now don’t be nervous, child."
”It’s very distracting, that muttering.” (0:07)

Oscar tells Lily, "We’ll go back a little ways, so that when we come to the scream, you’ll be in the mood." (0:15)

Lily tells accountant Oliver Webb, referring to Oscar, "... and I’m not catering to his senseless, neurotic, egomaniac jealousies any longer."
Lily tells Oscar, ”You’re not going to jump out of any window.”
Kill yourself.” (0:23)

Oliver: "Say the word, O.J., and I’ll kill myself." (0:30)

Oliver: "O.J., you’re in no mood to talk to a publication."
Director Max Jacobs: ”O.J., you’re crazy.” (0:32)

Owen O’Malley answers Oliver, referring to Oscar, "At the Morrison Hotel under the name of Hemingway, which he’s adopted in his grief."
”He’s going to shoot himself with a gun.”
”He won’t kill himself.” (0:35)

The train conductor tells a passenger, "There’s a certain drunk on this train, and I’m going to have a little talk with him." (0:42)

Oliver asks the conductor, "What is this, an insane asylum?"
Oliver tells Owen, ”I’ve let that egomaniac jump up and down on my stomach for the last 16 years...” (0:42)

Lily tells her lover George Smith, referring to her maid Sadie, "This moron is driving me crazy."
George: ”Rave on.”
Lily: ”You think I’m out of my mind?”
Oliver, referring to Oscar: ”If that egomaniac were in his grave, the way I feel right now, I’d take a rope and tie it around his neck...”
Lily: ”Still jumping out of windows? The old fainting Bertha.” (0:44)

Passenger Matthew J. Clark asks the conductor, referring to a telegram, "Does it convey the fact that I’m a little crazy, but perfectly harmless...?"
Conductor: ”You nearly caused a panic among the passengers. They got to worrying about a wreck or something.” (0:53)

Oscar asks Oliver, "Are you crazy?"
Oliver: ”Never mind who’s crazy.”
”At least we won’t have to worry about any goose chase with Lily Garland.” (0:57)

Oscar tells Lily, "I came here, out of a gallant mood, to congratulate you." (1:03)

Oscar tells Owen, referring to Lily, "I have her in the perfect mood, and we must strike at once." (1:04)

George tells Lily, "You’re hysterical."
”Don’t worry.” (1:05)

Lily asks Oscar, "How about... your delusion that you were Shakespeare and a Napolean and a Grand Lama of Tibet all rolled into one...."
Oscar: ”... what egotism, not to know that it was Lily Garland instead of Oscr Jaffe that really mattered.”
”I could cut my throat.”
”I’m going to have Judas strangling himself with her hair.”
”Go on while you’re in the creative mood.”
Lily: ”... after being heartbroken by some man she loved madly... she went down...”
”You’re crazy.”
”I’ve been listening to Mr. Oliver Webb, who broke in here with some sob story that you were gonna commit suicide unless I took pity on you.” (1:08)

The conductor tells a passenger, "Don’t worry, madam." (1:17)

The conductor tells Oliver, referring to Clark, "... don’t let on that you know he’s crazy." (1:18)

Oliver tells Owen, referring to Clark, "That fellow, he’s a lunatic."
”I’m gonna get plastered.” (1:19)

The conductor tells Oscar, "... there’s a lunatic on board..."
Oscar: ”A lunatic?”
Conductor: ”There’s nothing to worry about.”
”They’ve had him away for over a year, but he escaped from the asylum.” (1:20)

Lily tells Oscar, "No, crazy, you fake, you lunatic!" (1:21)

Oscar tells Owen and Oliver, "I suppose you’re both drunk."
Oliver: ”Drunk or sober, I’m here, ain’t I?”
Owen: ”O.J. I’m in no mood for a lot of fuzzy lamentations.”
Oscar: ”... I should stand flanked by two incompetent alcoholics.”
Olivier: ”You’ve made a drunkard out of me.” (1:22)

Oliver tells Owen, referring to Oscar, "Kill himself."
Oscar: ”He did it, the lunatic.”
Oscar: ”That’s the final irony: killed by a lunatic.” (1:24)

Lily tells Oscar, "I’m going to go mad." (1:27)

Oscar tells Lily, "Now don’t be nervous, child." (1:29)