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Ulzana's Raid

Burt Lancaster, Richard Jaeckel, Bruce Davison, Joaquin Martinez
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Settler Willy Rukeyser tells cavalryman Horowitz, "... I don’t leavin’ them for no drunk fella to burn them all down... and I don’t leave that for no drunk fella..." (0:17)

Horowitz kills himself with his pistol to avoid capture. (0:22)

Young Rukeyser holds his dead mother’s hand. (0:23)

Army scout McIntosh tells Lt. Garnett DeBuin, "I reckon Horowitz shot the woman, then made a run for it with the boy. When they got his horse, he killed himself." (0:26)

DeBuin tells traumatized Mrs. Riordan, "I don’t want you to worry." (1:12)

DeBuin tells McIntosh, referring to Mrs. Riordan, "That poor woman’s almost crazy." (1:12)