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Up in Arms

Danny Kaye, Dana Andrews, Dinah Shore
Spoiler alert
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Dr. Campbell tells the draft board, referring to Danny Weems, "He’s a confirmed hypochondriac."
”... nervous indigestion, nervous digestion...” (0:02)

Elevator man Danny: "A man just fainted."
Dr. Freiheisen tells Danny, ”I told you to keep away from my patients.”
”Because I’m mad, you idiot.”
”Go away from me, you maniac.” (0:05)

Nurse Virginia Merrill tells the others, "You know I’m just crazy about Vitamized Milk." (0:11)

Danny tells his roommate Joe Nelson, "Oh, I’m too nervous to sleep now, Joe."
”I was so nervous...” (0:24)

A draft board representative tells Joe, "You won’t have to worry about your father anymore." (0:26)

Danny tells Joe, "That’s one of the worst symptoms..."
”See how nervous I am?” (0:26)

Pvt. Blackie Snodgrass tells Sammy, "Listen, nervous." (0:37)

Joe tells Sammy, "You won’t, if you don’t stop worrying and start packing."
Sammy, referring to nurse Lt. Mary Morgan: ”She’ll be awfully worried.” (0:40)

Sammy: "I’ve got hydrophobia." (0:50)

Col. Phil Ashley tells Sammy, "You’re drunk." (1:06)

Sammy tells Blackie, "I was walking in my sleep. When I walk in my sleep, I gotta talk in my sleep..."
”Oh, you’re sleepwalking, Blackie.” (1:09)

Joe tells Mary, "Don’t worry, darling." (1:13)

Ashley tells Virginia, referring to Sammy, "I must say I can’t understand this man’s hypnotic power." (1:19)

Sammy tells the other soldiers, "I ain’t in the mood."
Soldier: ”He ain’t in the mood.” (1:21)

A soldier tells Blackie, "That guy nervous says I’ve got pink eye."
”The guy’s going nuts.” (1:23)

Sammy: "I’m going crazy." (1:34)

Sammy tells the enemy soldiers, "If you think the Americans are going to think I escaped, you’re crazy." (1:36)

Sammy pretends to kill himself with cyanide. (1:37)

Ashley tells the others, referring to Sammy, "Well he’s been with Maj. Brock all afternoon: a complete psychiatric examination..."
Sammy: ”Next patient, please.” (1:42)