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Vampire's Kiss

Nicolas Cage, María Conchita Alonso, Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Ashley
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Literary critic Peter Loew lies on the couch during a psychotherapy session with psychiatrist Dr. Glazer. (0:02)

Session (0:12)

In session, Peter tells Glazer, "I was drunk, too... I was a little drunk..." (0:21)

A coworker tells Peter, "Nothing like a little office trauma to keep things interesting." (0:34)

Peter rages. (0:36)

Peter rages in session.
Peter: ”And you call yourself a psychiatrist?” (0:37)

Peter tells his secretary Alva, "Yeah, that mescaline... does strange stuff." (0:41)

Vampire Rachel tells Peter, "That was so clever of you, mescaline." (0:47)

Secretary: "This place is driving me crazy." (0:49)

Peter tells Alva, "Oh, Alva, don’t worry about it."
Alva: ”Yeah, but I know how worried you were about losing Mr. Heatherton as a client.” (0:53)

Her brother Emilio asks Alva, "Are you crazy?"
Alva: ”No, I’m not crazy.” (0:57)

Peter’s cab driver: "Crazy Jesus." (0:59)

Peter: "Where am I? Where am I? Oh, I’ve become one, a vampire. Oh, God, where am I?" (1:00)

Peter sees Alva turn into Rachel. He places the muzzle of Alva’s revolver in his mouth and pulls the trigger, but the blank round fails to hurt him. (1:05)

Peter tells Alva, "Hey, I’m a vampire, a real vampire." (1:06)

Peter runs through the street, repeatedly yelling, "I’m a vampire..." (1:06)

Rachel: "Very antisocial, Peter, extremely antisocial behavior." (1:21)

Peter, referring to Rachel: "She’s a... vampire."
”She’s a... vampire. She made me one, too.” (1:23)

Peter tells the others, "I’m a vampire." (1:24)

Peter tells passers by, "I’m a vampire." (1:26)

Peter tells churchgoers, "Vampire, you idiot." (1:27)

A driver asks Peter, "Are you crazy?" (1:28)

In an imaginary session, Peter tells Glaser, “Well, I’ve been thinking about my depressions very seriously, and frankly, I just don’t think you can help me.”
Glaser, referring to Sharon: ”The patient who comes in after you... personality wise, I think you two are made for each other.”
”It’s just another id release, no use to worry.”
Peter: ”I turned into a vampire.”
Glaser: ”Would you stop worrying, and just get on with your big romance?” (1:29)

Peter: "Maybe I should see a shrink." (1:37)