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Vincent & Theo

Tim Roth, Paul Rhys, Adrian Brine, Jean-Francois Perrier, Yves Dangerfield, Hans Kesting, Peter Tuinman, Marie Louise Stheins, Vincent Vallier, Oda Spelbos, Jip Wijngaarden
Vincent van Gogh
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Artist Vincent van Gogh tells his prostitute and model lover Sien, referring to an artist, "This is his perception of reality." (0:21)

His artist friend Anton Mauve, asks Vincent, "Have you completely lost your mind?"
”You’re mad.” (0:26)

Father Tanguy: "And impulsive." (0:51)

Vincent rages at his art dealer brother Theo. (0:52)

Vincent tells a prostitute, "I think I'm completely impotent by now." (1:13)

Vincent tells painter Paul Gauguin, "I'm not mad, you know. You've made me mad."
”All artists are crazy.” (1:19)

His friend Andries tells Vincent, referring to Andries’ friend Celeste, "She was in that awful mood tonight." (1:30)

Vincent cuts off part of his left ear with a razor. (1:33)

Gauguin tells Theo, "Completely crazy, cutting his ear off."
”He is mad, completely mad.” (1:36)

His fiance, Andries’ sister Jo asks Theo, referring to Vincent, "But he's not mad, is he?"
Theo: ”No, he's not mad.”
”It's an asylum. Vincent is in an asylum.” (1:38)

A doctor asks Vincent, "Well, no more hallucinations?"
”You're a voluntary patient here, of course.”
”Don't worry... There's no treatment as such for a case like yours, except rest...”
Vincent: ”The patient's watch me.” (1:40)

Dr. Paul Gachet tells Theo, referring to Vincent, "Tanguy tells me they have him in a sanitarium somewhere down south."
Theo: ”It's voluntary, voluntary patient.”
Gachet tells Theo, ”That's depressing.”
referring to the mistral: ”It drives people mad” (1:46)

Gachet tells Vincent, "Identity problem."
”The world is mad.”(1:52)

Gachet tells the others, referring to Vincent, "Here is a sane painter." (1:57)

Gachet tells his daughter Marguerite, referring to Vincent, "He's mad, Marguerite..." (2:00)

Vincent shoots himself with a revolver. (2:05)

Vincent dies with Theo at his side. (2:08)

Wake for Vincent, followed by funeral procession and burial in a cemetery (2:09)

Graves of Vincent and Theo (2:17)