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Viva Zapata!

Marlon Brando, Jean Peters, Anthony Quinn, Joseph Wiseman, Arnold Moss, Alan Reed, Margo, Harold Gordon, Lou Gilbert, Frank Silvera, Mildred Dunnock, Abner Biberman
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Mexican President Porfirio Diaz tells Emiliano Zapata, "You must be patient."
”... we make our tortillas ou/taxonomy/term/14811t of corn, not patience, and patience will not cross an armed and guarded fence.” (0:05)

Pablo Gomez referring to reporter Fernando Aguirre, "He’s crazy. You know it’s not nice to kill crazy people."
Zapata’s brother Eufemiao: ”It’s so much easier instead of so much worry.” (0:10)

Man: "If they’re awake, they’re drunk." (0:21)

A policeman tells Zapata, referring to the prisoner, "They’re crazier than the craziest people I ever saw." (0:26)

His wife Josefa asks Zapata, "What are you worried about?" (0:53)

New President Francisco Ignacio Madero tells Zapata, "Don’t worry." (0:57)

An official tells Madero, "But don’t worry." (1:13)

Eufemio dies in his brother’s arms. (1:35)

His people realize that their enemies have killed Zapata. (1:51)