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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Walter Pidgeon, Robert Sterling, Peter Lorre, Joan Fontaine, Barbara Eden, Michael Ansara, Frankie Avalon
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Commodore Lucius Emery tells the others, referring to a shark, "We had to drug her in order to do some tests." (0:10)

Captain Lee Crane tells psychiatrist Dr. Susan Hiller, "Well, don't worry." (0:12)

Dr. Jamieson tells Dr. Hiller, "Well, it's a pleasure to welcome such a distinguished psychiatrist aboard." (0:13)

Lieutenant (JG) Cathy Connors tells Hiller, "Best prescription you've written today, doctor."
”It's a bad diagnosis, doctor.” (0:18)

Rescued scientist Miguel Alvarez shows signs of delirium. (0:25)

Television reporter: "Some woman is hysterical." (0:32)

Physicist Dr. Emilio Zucco, referring to Admiral Harriman Nelson’s plan: "Insanity. Insanity."
”The admiral’s scheme is suicidal insanity.” (0:36)

Nelson: “Dr. Hiller, as I remember your research project was men under stress."
Alvarez: ”Don't worry about me, Admiral.”
Hiller: ”A convenient rationalization under the circumstances.” (0:41)

Radio operator Sparks tells his assistant, "Man, I'm getting shell shocked." (0:43)

Her fiance, Capt. Lee Crane, tells Connors, "The men are worried sick about their families." (0:47)

Lt. (JG) Danny Romano tells Crane, "You had me kind of worried there for a minute."
Crane: ”I had myself worried.” (1:00)

Hiller tells Crane, referring to crewman George Young, "I've given him a sedative. Nervous hysteria."
Referring to crewman Hodges: ”Hyper neurasthenia.”
Referring to Nelson: ”... this ruthless compulsion that...” (1:02)

Nelson reads a suicide note from Hodges.
Hiller: ”It was a severe nervous breakdown.”
Nelson tells Crane, ”I'm not worried that your men can't take it...”
Crane reads an anonymous note: ”If you continue your lunatic project, you'll never live to see it completed.” (1:13)

Hiller tells Crane and Connors, "Admiral Nelson's becoming a textbook case. Taciturnity combined with anxiety, high irritability, and now perhaps, delusions of persecution.."
Crane: ”Delusions?”
”Thanks very much for your diagnosis, Dr. Hiller.” (1:15)

Crane tells Nelson, "Admiral, if we are to meet your deadline to the Marianas, it's madness to split this crew." (1:22)

Hiller tells Crane, referring to Nelson, "Delusions are typical in cases like this." (1:25)

Crane tells Connors, referring to Nelson, "I felt that way myself until his lunatic actions started to follow a pattern."
Connors: ”Lunatic actions?”
Crane: ”Drove a fine officer to sabotage and suicide.”
”If the admiral is crazy, his plan is crazy too.” (1:25)

Nelson tells Romano, "In my judgment you're faking." (1:)

Zucco’s words echo in Hiller’s mind: ”The admiral’s scheme is suicidal insanity." (1:37)

Nelson asks Alvarez, "Have you gone completely mad?" (1:39)