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Joe Don Baker, Stella Stevens, George Kennedy
nitrous oxide
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Young Mary Graves narrates: "You may think I’m crazy, but there really is a pumpkin-headed lawn mower killer, and he really did chop up my big sister Pam with a power lawn mower." (0:04)

Her gynecologist father Doctor Graves uses a tool to remove Mary’s bed covers, then her nightgown from outside her bedroom window. Peeping Tom? (0:05)

Sign: "State Mental Facility" (0:08)

Detective Dick Harbinger tells a physician, "One of your crazies escaped last night."
”I want to know about this crazy who escaped.”
”There's a crazy loose.” (0:09)

Mary tells the others, "I'm nervous enough about tonight already." (0:13)

Police Chief O'Hara tells Harbinger, "Now look, I'm not sending three cops to some pumpkin prom looking for a psycho with a pumpkin head, a big nose and a bunch of garden tools."
Doctor Denton tells a secretary, ”The way you dot your I’s, it's very anal.”
”I happen to be one of the finest psychoanalysts in the State Mental Facility... You're repressed.”
Harbinger, referring to O’Hara: ”No, tell him about the patient who escaped.”
Denton: ”Well, the guy was a wacko... retreated completely into his psyche.”
”Well, he's catatonically introverted, with undertones of psychotic schizophrenia.” (0:16)

Detective: "Hey Harbinger, did you get the lawn mower maniac this year?" (0:19)

Mary’s classmate Rosie tells Rosie’s boyfriend Tony Schlongini, "I don't know what you're so nervous about." (0:21)

A woman beats bound and cross-dressed Harbinger.
”The family was hysterical... I'll give you the real true honest-to-god flashback right now. Boy was I depressed.” (0:23)

Harbinger, referring to Zeke: "A perverted school gardner geek."
Zeke: ”This is the classic cast suspicion on perverted school gardener scene?” (0:26)

A librarian asks Mary, "Don't you think it's about time you got over this silly lawn mower phobia of yours?" (0:32)

By telephone, Mary's mother reads a letter to Doctor, "There's a psycho loose."
Doctor: ”Marge, you can't go into a tizzy every time some nut throws a lawn mower through the window.” (0:39)

By telephone, Harbinger lists his suspects to the chief: "The Looney, a weirdo, a jock. I'm beginning to worry about my own son, little Dick." (0:41)

Dr. Moreau injects the arms of football players. (0:43)

Harbinger, referring to himself: "He's hearing voices in the night." (0:49)

Dr. Graves: "Mary, this lawn mower phobia of yours has gotten completely out of hand." (0:53)

Tony tells Rosie, "People will go berserk."
Mary’s date Norman Bates tells Rosie, referring to Bambi, ”Oh, don't worry about her.”
Bambi calls her date, ”Looney. Looney.” (0:57)

Bambi: "Looney. Looney. Wherefore art thou, Looney?" (1:00)

Prom chaperone: "If you're going out for drugs or a drink, that's against the rules." (1:01)

Tony: "... this is crazy, Rosie. This is crazy."
”This guy’s some kind of sicko, some psychologist.” (1:02)

Mary tells Norman, referring to Bambi, "I'm worried about her."
”... There's a psycho loose...” (1:04)

Doctor and Mrs. Graves, apparently using laughing gas, laugh uncontrollably. (1:05)

Looney: "You know, uh, they locked me up for 13 years because I cracked after witnessing the lawn mower killings..."
Harbinger: ”They thought I was crazy. I wasn't crazy.”
Mary: ”Well, at least we won't have to worry about the lawn mower killer ever again.” (1:12)