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What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

CastBette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono
Year released1962
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Marty asks producer Ben, referring to entertainer Jane, "Why can't she stay sober?"
”Blanche doesn't have any illusions like that.” (0:09)

Jane's actress sister Blanche tells Jane, "Then you're an idiot." (0:19)

Their maid Elvira tells Blanche, referring to Jane, "It's none of my business, but she's been drinking again." (0:24)

Blanche: "Jane, I didn't want you to be worried about the house." (0:50)

His mother Dehlia tells pianist Edwin Flagg, "You're my little worrier." (0:56)

Jane: "You're just a neurotic, Blanche. You know what? You're just a neurotic." (1:00)

Edwin tells Jane, referring to his father, "He's been dead quite a long time now."
Jane: ”I lost my daddy when I was quite young, too.” (1:17)

By telephone, Dr. Shelby's nurse tells Blanche, referring to Dr. Shelby, "Well he's with a patient right now."
Shelby: ”Is this some kind of emotional disturbance you're talking about?”
Blanche: ”Yes, she's emotionally disturbed.” (1:26)

Elvira: "Miss Blanche, I'll tell you right now, if that sister of yours has gone and given you sleeping tablets just to keep you quiet..." (1:35)

Jane tells Elvira, referring to Blanche, "She's asleep. I gave her a pill." (1:38)

Edwin tells Jane, referring to two policemen, "They're trying to say I'm drunk." (1:54)

Blanche tells Jane, "You were too drunk."
”You were so drunk and confused.” (2:08)

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