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What a Way to Go!

Shirley MacLaine, Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum, Dean Martin, Gene Kelly, Bob Cummings, Dick Van Dyke
Sigmund Freud | Vincent van Gogh
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Pallbearers carry a casket then drop it down the stairs. (0:01)

Louisa May Foster in session with psychoanalyst Dr. Victor Stephanson: “Dr. Svenson, do you think I’m crazy too?"
Portrait of Sigmund Freud on Stephanson's wall
Stephanson faints.
Louisa: ”Well... you fainted...”
”Do you faint often?”
Stephanson: ”The fainting is... running away from the reality...”
”You don’t need a psychiatrist.” (0:05)

Reading of Edgar Hopper’s will. (0:34)

Louisa in session with Stephanson
Stephanson, referring to Edgar: ”... driven by this ego drive, he smothered in his own... feathers.” (0:34)

Artist and cab driver Larry Flint tells Louisa, "Van Gogh had it, but he had to chop his ear off in order to free himself."
”Intellectual hang-up.” (0:39)

Larry tells an admirer, "Actually the act of creation might best be described as pure animal instinct." (0:50)

Louisa, referring to Larry: "he was obsessed with success." (0:52)

Reading of Larry Flint’s will. (0:55)

Louisa tells an older man, "... everyone said, ‘Well, don't worry’." (0:56)

Louisa watches as his bull kills her husband Rod. (1:16)

Reading of the will of Rod Anderson, Jr. (1:16)

Entertainer Pinky Benson tells Louisa, referring to the top of the ladder, "Then you got to start worrying about staying up there." (1:24)

Pinky tells his agent, "And if the studio tries to cut one minute of that film, I'm going to burn that nut house to the ground." (1:36)

Reporter: "I've covered the biggest of all premieres, Ben-Hur, Cleopatra..." (1:38)

Louisa watches as his fans trample Pinky to death. (1:41)

Reading of Pinky’s will (1:42)

Session with Stephanson
Louisa: ”You’re an analyst. Analyze.”
Stephanson: ”What do you expect of me, instant analysis?... would you marry me?”
Stephanson falls from the couch, leaving him unconscious.
Stephanson awakens, then faints. (1:43)

An oil worker tells Leonard, referring to the oil, "Yes, you idiot, it belongs to us." (1:49)