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Who's Your Monkey?

CastScott Grimes, Jason London, Scott Michael Campbell, David DeLuise, Kevin Durand, Siena Goines, Ali Hillis, Wayne Knight, Susan May Pratt
Year released2007
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Lisa tells Bobby, "I'm so drunk." (0:00)

Physician Mark tells the pharmacist, "It's pseudoephedrine." (0:06)

Bobby tells Laith, "You're an idiot."
Laith tells Bobby, ”You know, I was watching Dr. Phil the other day with Rebecca.”
Bobby: ”Dr. Phil?”
Laith: ”Yeah, that's right, Dr. Phil.”
Bobby: ”You know what, f*** Dr. Phil. If you're drunk and you're high on cocaine, and your dumbass runs over a little nun crossing the street, guess who's going to help you dispose of the body? Bobby is, not Dr. Phil, so what do you think Dr. Phil would have to say about that, huh?” (0:07)

Bobby asks his girlfriend Lisa, "Dr. Phil?"
Lisa: ”I love Dr. Phil.” (0:09)

Their friend James Hutto tells Bobby and Laith, referring to James' wife Lynn, "Put her in a great mood, though."
Laith tells James, referring to Hutto’s expected baby, ”Don't worry, it'll fall out eventually.”
Bobby, referring to their friend Mark: ”Yeah, he's too busy cooking crystal meth for Reed.”
James: ”How do you go from saving lives to manufacturing meth?”
Bobby: ”Sometimes we have to get in touch with our inner child just to remember how truly innocent we are.”
James: ”Somebody's been watching Dr. Phil.”
Laith: ”Dr. Phil, huh?”
”Not giving someone who is deeply depressed deadly weapons.” (0:10)

Laith asks Bobby, "Can I ask you a question, if you promise not to think I'm an idiot?" (0:13)

A woman insufflates cocaine. (0:15)

Bobby asks Laith, "What, you're okay with Mark cooking crystal, just not for a guy who uses his connection at the zoo to produce animal porn?"
Laith: ”And what's crystal?”
Bobby: ”Crystal meth, jackass.”
”... he lost her at the park ‘cause he was doing crystal, and everyone freaked out?” (0:16)

Mark tells Bobby, "Lisa died."
Bobby: ”That seems like a pretty idiotic way to live your life.” (0:20)

Reed tells Mark, "I need my drugs tonight, bro. Do you have any... idea how hard it is to get a 95 lb white girl to... without her drugs?"
”It's one thing for you to not have my drugs, bro.” (0:23)

James tells his wife Lynn, referring to her sister, "She's a nutjob." (0:27)

Cemetery: Bobby lies against Lisa’s gravestone. (0:29)

James tells Laith, "You are some kind of moron..." (0:34)

Laith: "Is that crystal?"
Mark tells James, referring to Reed, ”He was pissed that I didn't have his drugs...”
”He went crazy.”
”It was... crazy.”
James: ”Bobby, do you think possibly you could be sober tonight.” (0:36)

Laith tells Bobby, referring to Reed, "That crazy redneck put a gun in Mark's mouth..." (0:39)

James asks Mark, "Hey, did you notice how drunk and dirty Bobby was?"
”A couple of months ago Lynn was feeling extra hormonal... I wasn't in the mood to argue...” (0:40)

James asks Bobby and Laith, "What are you two morons doing?" (0:43)

Bobby: "You guys ever see that movie Crash?"
”The one by the guy that did The Fly.”
”Crazy b****...”
Bobby tells Mark, referring to Laith, ”I'm telling you, man, he's lost his mind.” (0:47)

Mark, referring to Reed: "Now he's drunk, okay? We're all drunk except for Hutto."
Highway patrolman Brooks: ”A car full of drunkies looking for the next party?”
Mark: ”Drunk, sir, very drunk.”
Bobby: ”I'm drunk too.”
Laith: ”Did you guys see the Midnight Express?”
James, referring to Brooks: ”He seemed to lighten up a bit once he realized I wasn't drunk.”
Brooks: ”If it wasn't for people like you, I'd be scraping drunkies off the side of the road 24/7. You drunkies owe this man your life.”
Brooks asks James, referring to the monkey, ”He's not drunk, is he?” (0:51)

Laith asks James, referring to Brooks, "Is he worried about Roadkill?" (0:57)

James tells Laith,"You're an idiot." (0:59)

Laith tells Mark, "Sure, I know some people still only think of him as Dirty Harry...."
Mark: ”That's from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, right?”
”You know, what I don't understand is how someone who loves film as much as you, went to film school, can come up with the crazy shit about movies you do, is doing in Jacksonville editing weddings.” (1:04)

Bobby smokes a joint.
Mark, referring to the monkey, ”Does that thing shit weed as well?”
Laith: ”Let me hit that.”
”Just give me the joint.”
Bobby tells Mark, ”Man, I need to stop smoking, again.” (1:14)

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