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Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself

Jamie Sives, Adrian Rawlins, Shirley Henderson, Lisa McKinlay, Mads Mikkelsen, Julia Davis, Susan Vidler, Robert McIntosh, Gordon Brown
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Nursery worker Wilbur swallows two prescription bottles of pills, then turns on the gas which soon stops. He swallows another bottle of pills and starts the gas again. (0:00)

Wilbur’s brother Harbour tells his bookstore customer Alice, “... now my father’s just died.” (0:02)

Wilbur in group psychotherapy session in a psychiatric hospital.
Nurse Moira asks “Wilbur, what do you think would happen in a broad sociological sense if we all went around killing ourselves?” (0:04)

Wilbur and Harbour visit their parents’ grave at a cemetery. (0:08)

Wilbur tells Harbour, “I don’t remember any of those things like you do.”
Harbour, referring to their mother: “That’s all those suicides... You were nearly five when she died.” (0:11)

Wilbur’s coworker tells the boys, referring to lemmings, “... the whole lot just commit suicide.”
She tells Wilbur, “They’re mad about you.” (0:14)

A customer interrupts Wilbur preparing to hang himself. When he goes through with it, Alice rescues him. (0:19)

Psychologist Horst tells Harbour, referring to Wilbur, “But of course there are private clinics if you think he’s within reach of therapy at all.” (0:21)

Wilbur asks Harbour, referring to Alice and her daughter Mary, “What, would you give’em a lift in, idiot?” (0:23)

Wilbur tries to drown himself, but the pond is too shallow. (0:26)

Alice’s former co-worker Sophie, tells Alice, referring to Wilbur, “He seems like the sort who just being with puts you in a really good mood.” (0:28)

Apparently drunk, Wilbur staggers into the bookstore. (0:30)

Harbour finds Wilbur, who has cut his wrists, unresponsive in their bathtub full of bloody water. (0:32)

Alice asks Harbour, “What does the psychologist say?”
Harbour, referring to his father: ”Worried him so much every time Wilbur wanted to kill himself.”
Alice, referring to Wilbur’s mother: ”Did she kill herself?”
Harbour tells her how she died. (0:33)

Moira tells Wilbur, “I’m really sorry you can’t come to the suicide group any more...” (0:36)

His doctor tells Harbour, referring to Horst, “I asked... psychologist to pop in just to make sure he’s kept in the picture.”
Harbour: “My brother wants to kill himself.” (0:39)

Horst tells Harbour, referring to Horst’s father, “He committed suicide.” (0:47)

Apparently drunk, Harbour staggers into the bookstore during a birthday party for Mary. (0:49)

Harbour asks Alice, “Did I seem very drunk?”
Wilbur tells Harbour, “You are a... moron.”
”Harbour, ‘You’ve got a hangover.” (0:52)

Wilbur stands on the edge of the roof of a tall building. (0:53)

Harbour asks Alice, referring to Wilbur, “What kind of mood was he in?” (0:55)

A customer tells Harbour, “I’ve got a niece who’s retarded.” (1:01)

Wilbur interrupts Moira’s psychotherapy group.
Horst tells a patient, “No metaphors, please.” (1:01)

Moira tells Alice, “It was our Danish senior psychologist... Horst.” (1:03)

Moira tells the others, “... it’s idiotic...” (1:06)

Alice asks Harbour, “Do you think we’re complete idiots?” (1:08)

Harbour tells Alice, referring to Wilbur, “It will be a real mess if he goes and kills himself.” (1:09)

Wilbur jumps in the river to stop a woman from drowning herself. (1:18)

Horst tells Sophie, “You spent some time here as a patient, didn’t you. Didn’t you lose a daughter?” (1:25)

Wilbur rages. (1:27)

Harbour asks Wilbur, “Do you know Wayne, the long distance lorry driver from the suicide group?” (1:33)

Harbour takes an overdose of drugs. (1:34)

Alice, Wilbur and Mary walk through the cemetery. Mary places flowers on Harbour’s grave. (1:38)