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Wild in the Country

CastElvis Presley, Hope Lange, Tuesday Weld, Millie Perkins
Year released1961
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Glenn Tyler strikes his brother on the head with a stool, rendering him unconscious. (0:02)

Judge Tom Parker tells defendant Glenn Tyler, "Got picked up twice on a drunk charge."
Caseworker Irene Sperry: ”Glen, how old were you when your mother died?” (0:05)

Sperry asks lawyer Phil Macy, "Tell me, was your sympathy for him real?"
Phil: ”I identified with him.” (0:07)

His Uncle Rolfe Braxton tells Glenn, "Salem drugs..." (0:08)

Glenn tells Betty Lee Parsons, "Then I got to get examined by this Ms. Sperry, caseworker, psychiatry... She thinks she's got a lunatic on her hands."
Betty Lee: ”Glenn, sometimes I think you are touched myself.”
Glenn: ”Don't worry your heart, Betty Lee.” (0:12)

Glenn tells Sperry, "You were just appointed by the court to find out whether I’m touched or not."
Sperry: ”What you say will never leave this room.
Glenn, referring to his mother: ”Many times I’ve seen her out in the hot sun chopping cotton while them two men laid up drunk and wasted... just before my ninth birthday she died and left me...” (0:15)

Betty Lee tells Glenn, referring to Phil Macy’s son Cliff, "I have no intention of wasting sympathy on him."
Glenn: ”Sympathy’s never wasted, Betty Lee.” (0:27)

Glenn tells Cliff, "You're stoned out of your mind." (0:28)

Glenn in session with Sperry
Glenn: ”It makes me very nervous to talk about it, ma’am.” (0:29)

Glenn in session with Sperry
Glenn: ”Take... Betty Lee. At times I look at her and think she's flat and dried up and selfish...” (0:43)

Her maid Sarah tells Sperry, referring to Glenn, "it's that Tyler boy, stoned."
Sperry: ”Stoned is an understatement.” (0:53)

Rolfe tells Glenn, "If I was you I'd give this thing a decent time of grief."
Glenn: ”How'd her husband die?”
Rolfe: ”You got her drunk...” (1:01)

Betty Lee asks Glenn, "Take a trip to the moon... or hang yourself, which?"
Glenn: ”Sympathy is what I need...”
Betty Lee: ”You can't build on sympathy.” (1:02)

Sperry tells Glenn, referring to her husband Paul, "He died." (1:10)

Sperry tells Glenn, referring to books in the library, "There’s Hemingway..." (1:12)

Cliff Macy: "Don't worry, Mrs. Smith..." (1:21)

Sperry tells Glenn, "In psychiatry they call it transference." (1:23)

Phil Macy tells Sperry, "Oh, honey, don't worry about that." (1:28)

Cliff tells Phil, "... I wonder if you're in a good mood or bad." (1:31)

Glenn asks Sperry, "Are you worried about what people will say?" (1:33)

Glenn renders Cliff unconscious with a blow to the head.
Man: ”What is it, drunk?” (1:39)

Sperry gets in her car and runs the engine with the garage door closed. (1:49)

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