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Women in Love

Alan Bates, Oliver Reed, Glenda Jackson, Jennie Linden, Eleanor Bron, Alan Webb, Vladek Sheybal, Catherine Willmer, Phoebe Nicholls, Sharon Gurney, Christopher Gable, Michael Gough, Norma Shebbeare, Nike Arrighi, James Laurenson
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Teacher and sculptress Gudrun Grangwen and her teacher sister Ursula walk through a graveyard. (0:03)

Hermione Roddice tells Rupert Birkin, "It sounds like megalomania, Rupert." (0:11)

Rupert tells Hermione, "All you want is pornography... keeping it all in your consciousness, making it all mental. If one cracked your skull..."
Hermione strikes Rupert on the head with a paperweight. (0:25)

Ursula tells Rupert, "I think we’ve all gone mad."
: ”Pity we aren’t madder.” (0:44)

Mine manager Gerald Crich tells Gudrun, referring to the bulls, "And why do you want to drive them mad." (0:44)

Men carry the bodies of Laura Crich and Tibby Lupton. (0:54)

Rupert tells Gerald, referring to wrestling, "It makes one sane."
”We are mentally and spiritually close...” (1:00)

Gerald’s father Thomas asks his mother, "Have you taken leave of your senses, Christiana?" (1:05)

Ursula asks Rupert, "Did I abuse you?" (1:12)

Gerald: "After Laura’s death father’s world collapsed." (1:15)

Gerald tells Gudrun, "I just want to talk to somebody, sympathetically."
Christina asks Gerald, ”You’re not letting it make you hysterical?” (1:16)

Funeral for Thomas (1:20)

Gerald tells Rupert, "I thought you were dead nuts on marriage." (1:28)

Artist Loerke tells Gudrun, "I would give everything, everything, all your love, for a little companionship in intelligence." (1:46)

Loerke tells Gudrun, "And you, you’re a scheming, thieving nymphomaniac." (1:59)

Gerald renders Loerke unconscious with a blow to the head. (2:04)

Gerald wanders off into the snow to die. (2:06)

Rupert grieves at the open casket of Gerald. (2:08)

Ursula tells Rupert, "It’s an obstinacy, a theory, a perversity." (2:09)