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Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Edwards, Brian Cox, Elias Koteas, Donal Logue, John Carroll Lynch, Dermot Mulroney, Chloë Sevigny
marijuana | nitrous oxide
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Darlene tells Mike, "Don't worry about it."
Mike: ”Don't tell me not to worry.” (0:03)

Crime reporter Paul Avery asks the others, "What do you say, twenty bucks for whoever cracks the psycho's name?" (0:13)

By telephone, a woman reports what she believes is a fight in a taxi cab: "One’s drunk, and we think he's robbing him." (0:25)

A detective tells Inspector Dave Toschi, "They first saw him in the front seat, thought he was a drunk fighting with the driver."
Toschi: ”I'm an idiot.”
Detective 2: ”You're not an idiot.”
Toschi: ”I'm an idiot.” (0:28)

A girl tells Toschi, "It looks like they were drunk and fighting." (0:31)

Cartoonist Robert graysmith tells Avery, referring to Toschi, "Dude, he wears his gun like Bullitt." (0:33)

Charles Thierot tells the others, "We don't want to start a citywide panic..." (0:33)

Lawyer Melvin Belli tells Inspector Bill Armstrong, "Don't you worry about me, inspector."
Toschi: ”The man you’re worrying about sniffing you out?” (0:42)

Shorty tells Avery, "Here you go, you drunken reprobate." (0:43)

Armstrong tells Toschi, "Our Daily City no show called from a mental institution." (0:48)

Belli tells Toschi, referring to the killer, "Killing is his compulsion." (0:54)

Shorty asks Robert, ”Does it bother you that people call you retard?” (1:04)

Avery answers Robert, "You mean like retard?" (1:04)

Toschi: "Paul, you did call him a latent homosexual in at least one of your articles." (1:05)

Capt. Ken Narlow reads a letter, "I’m insane." (1:12)

Toschi tells Avery, "... you just freaked out the entire state."
Avery: ”Hey, Bullitt...” (1:14)

Armstrong tells Toschi, "Here comes every lunatic in California." (1:15)

A man tells Armstrong, referring to a witness Donald Cheney, "Thought he was a nut." (1:17)

Toschi tells Armstrong, referring to suspect Arthur Leigh Allen, "Also, our guy’s a pervert... fire for touching kids." (1:18)

Editor Templeton Peck tells Avery, "Stop boozing." (1:29)

Leigh’s sister-in-law Catherine tells Armstrong, "Last year we arranged for Leigh to get help from a social worker... I want to see that social worker. He couldn't talk about a former patient..."
Armstrong: ”Because of patient confidentiality... ” (1:30)

Armstrong tells Capt. Marty Lee, "Meanwhile, I spoke to a psychologist who would be willing to testify that someone who undergoes a personality change like Zodiac would manifest it physically, altering his handwriting."
Toschi tells Lee, ”We got... this psychology guy...” (1:32)

Many of those involved in the case watch a screening of Dirty Harry. (1:37)

Avery tells Robert, referring to a computer game, "Mesmerizing."
Joints on a table
Robert: ”Don't worry about that. Don't worry about it.”
Avery: ”Do you know that more people die in the East Bay commute every three months than that idiot ever killed?” (1:42)

Toschi tells Robert, "That's a lot of dead people and grieving families that need our help." (1:46)

Toschi tells Robert, "That’s privileged information." (1:53)

By telephone, a man tells Robert, "The Zodiac killer is obsessed with movies." (1:57)

Avery inhales gas from a cylinder. Nitrous oxide? (2:09)

Robert tells his wife Melanie, "Oh hon, you're being paranoid." (2:09)

Robert tells Bob Vaughan, "I wanted to ask you, uh, about a film that The Avenue may have played while you were the organist there, The Most Dangerous Game."
Movie poster on kitchen wall: Conquest
Vaughan: ”Most Dangerous Game ran in May, ‘69” (2:12)

Robert tells Toschi, "... The Most Dangerous Game..."
Referring to Leigh Allen: ”Eight months before that Allen is fired for molesting his students, and his family discovers that he's a pedophile.”
Toschi: ”Easy, Dirty Harry.” (2:25)