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Tom Poston, Julia Meade, Jim Backus, Fred Clark, Cecil Kellaway
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Persephone Updike tells Professor Jonathan Jones, referring to her husband Joshua, "Professor, if you only knew how much the Dean and I admire your abstinence from strong drink..."
”... I think of you as... sober...” (0:27)

A guest faints after a mouse goes down her back, then again when she sees one in her glass. (0:35)

Jonathan tells psychiatrist (psychoanalyst?) Dr. Kroner, referring to Dean Updike, "He thinks I’m crazy?"
Kroner: ”Crazy’s an unfortunate word...”
Jonathan: ”... if you’re trying to say I’m schizophrenic...” (0:42)

Kroner asks Jonathan, "Can’t you see that all of this is mere delusion?"
Jonathan: ”Delusion?”
Kroner: ”Hallucination.”
Jonathan: ”It was not hallucination.”
Kroner: ”Prof. Jones, you’re an intelligent man... these delusions of yours are merely a result of your repressed hostility..” (0:44)

Dean Updike tells Kroner, referring to Jonathan, "Perhaps he hypnotized you."
Kroner: ”I know a lot more about hypnosis than you do, Dean, and I can assure you that I was not hypnotized.” (0:46)

Prof. Kellgore tells his dinner guests, "... although I usually abstain from intoxicating spirits... I propose a toast" (1:01)

Mrs. Updike tells Horatio, referring to Kellgore, "The man’s making a drunken exhibition of himself." (1:03)

Jonathan tells spy Josh Bates and Bates’ henchman Igor, "Don’t worry about me." (1:18)