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A Beautiful Mind

Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany, Adam Goldberg, Judd Hirsch, Josh Lucas, Anthony Rapp, Christopher Plummer, Clint Howard
John Nash | Thorazine | chlorpromazine
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His college roommate Charles asks new student John, “Did you know that having a hangover is not having enough water in your body to run your Krebs cycles?... the hangover that finally bloody kills you.” (0:05)

John asks Charles, “You have no respect for cognitive revery?” (0:12)

John notices someone watching him. (0:41)

Charles tells John, “My sister got herself killed in a car crash.” (0:49)

John’s hygiene deteriorates as he begins to believe others follow him. He becomes more vigilant. (0:58)

John runs away from a man. Dr. Rosen tells John, “I’m a psychiatrist.” Other men restrain him. Rosen injects him with an unspecified drug. (1:04)

John in restraints. “Thorazine takes a little while to wear off. Sorry about the restraints... MacArthur Psychiatric Hospital.”
John hallucinates Charles in Rosen’s office. Aids drag him away. (1:07)

Rosen tells John’s wife Alicia, “John has schizophrenia. People with this disorder are often paranoid.”
”At least that’s when his hallucinations seem to have begun.”
Alicia: ”What hallucinations?”
”You’re making him sound crazy.” (1:09)

Alicia visits John in the hospital. John: “Alicia, I’ve been thinking about it, and I do realize that my behavior and my inability to discuss the situation with you must have appeared insane... They may be listening.”
Alicia: “It isn’t real... It’s in your mind.” (1:14)

John has gouged his arm to retrieve an imagined implant. He tells Rosen, “The implant’s gone.” (1:17)

Aids restrain John. Nurse: “Administering insulin.” John seizes. (1:18)

Alicia tells John’s coworker Sol, “Well, the delusions have passed. They say with medication and a low stress environment... Rage...” (1:21)

John jokes, indicating the chair Sol moves to sit in, “Have you met Harvey?”
”There’s no point in being nuts if you can’t have a little fun.” (1:23)

Alicia rages. (1:29)

John hides the pills he should take. He hallucinates government agent Parcher, his soldiers, and a command center. Parcher: “Schizophrenic break from reality, right? Psychological...” (1:30)

Psychotic John hallucinates Parcher, others. (1:36)

Rosen visits the Nash home. “Why did you stop your meds?”
John: “You think that’s better than being crazy?”
Rosen: “We’ll need to start you on a higher run of insulin shocks and a new medication.”
“Schizophrenia's degenerative. Some days may be symptom free...”
”Without treatment, John, the fantasies may take over, entirely.” (1:39)

Alicia tells John, “He said that if you said that he has commitment papers fro me to sign.” (1:41)

John tells his college rival Martin, “I don’t have that one. My savior complex takes on a completely different form.”
John struggles with an hallucination of Charles.
John: “That a certain level of attachment, familiar places, familiar people might help me elbow out these, uh, certain delusions that I have.” (1:46)

Another professor tells Martin, referring to John, “Then he goes totally nuts.”
Parcher calls John “The local madman.” John struggles with the psychosis. (1:49)

Alicia: “John, you know that stress triggers the delusions.” (1:50)

John tells Nobel representative Thomas, “So you came here to find out if I was crazy...”
“You see, I am crazy... I still see things that are not here.” (2:02)

John tells the Nobel audience, “My quest has taken me... to the delusional and back.” (2:05)