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A Girl Must Live

Margaret Lockwood, Renee Houston, Lilli Palmer, Hugh Sinclair, Naunton Wayne
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Finishing school student Leslie James reads her letter to the other inmates, referring to school fees: "... Mother’s not been able to pay them since father died..." (0:03)

Tells Leslie, referring to Mrs. Adams, "She passed on in ‘25." (0:07)

A reporter asks the photographer, "Why worry?" (0:26)

Woman: "... don’t worry..." (0:26)

Gloria Lind reads a letter from Horace Blount: "... please won’t worry..." (0:34)

Clytie Devine tells Horace, referring to rubber planter Earl of Pangborough, "We must get him in the mood... wouldn’t you be in the mood?" (0:40)

Clytie tells Leslie, "... your dress just suits my mood." (0:41)

Clytie: "Now don’t worry, Gloria."
”Now Gloria, you mustn’t worry...” (0:45)

Pangborough tells Clytie, referring to cat and mouse, "Unfortunately, neither seems in the mood."
Clytie: ”Oh, time doesn’t worry me.” (0:52)

Leslie’s pickpocket cousin Hugo Smythe tells Clytie, referring to Pangborough, "... he’s absolutely crazy about you."
”When a man’s in the mood he is, opportunity doesn’ knock once...” (0:54)

Horace’s wife tells Hugo, "The only time he says anything nice to me is when he comes home tight." (0:57)

Butler Hodder tells Pangborough’s Aunt Primrose, "If my memory serves me, it was vanilla." (1:01)

Hugo tells Gloria, "Patience..." (1:04)

Joe and another man director Joe Gold, at a bar appear intoxicated. (1:11)

A chorus girl tells Pangborough, "... let’s all get tight." (1:15)

Leslie tells Pangborough, "It’s grand fun I suppose to fool around with a lot of girls and make love to them whenever you feel in the mood." (1:18)

Joe tells Hugo, "Don’t worry." (1:20)

Leslie tells Gloria, "... if you’re up to the same game as Clytie, you’re in for a shock."
Referring to Hugo: ”He’s drunk...”
Gloria slugs Leslie, rendering her unconscious. (1:22)

Leslie tells Clytie and Gloria, "... like an idiot, I took the blame." (1:25)

Clytie and Gloria smack Hugo, rendering him unconscious. (1:26)

His wife hits Horace over the head with her purse. (1:27)