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A Million Little Pieces

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Odessa Young, Giovanni Ribisi, Juliette Lewis, Charlie Hunnam, Ryan Hurst, David Dastmalchian, Andy Buckley, Dash Mihok, Eugene Byrd, Tom Amandes, Carson Meyer, Andy Mackenzie, Charles Parnell, Dominic Pace, Albert Malafronte
chlordiazepoxide | Librium | cocaine | crack cocaine | diazepam | ethyl alcohol | marijuana | lysergic acid diethylamide | methamphetamine
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James Fry smokes a crack pipe. (0:00)

His brother Bob takes James to a rehab center. (0:05)

A staff member tells James, "... more than 25,000 patients have passed through our doors. We are one of the largest treatment centers in the world... If you are caught in possession and/or using or drinking, you will be sent home immediately... for the sake and safety of our patients..." (0:06)

Dr. Baker tells James, "I had the nurse put you on Librium and diazepam. They’re detoxification drugs... We wouldn’t want you to have a.... stroke..." (0:08)

Patient Lilly asks James, "Wanna do some blow?... Are you deaf or retarded...?"
”So you are retarded.”
Roy: ”I’m Roy, a patient here.”
James: ”You’re a patient...” (0:10)

Roy tells James, "We do step work after every meal." (0:13)

Patient John Everett tells James, "You’re just going through withdrawal." (0:14)

A man tells James, "You’re outta your... mind, kid." (0:16)

Roy tells the others, referring to James, "He’s outta his... mind." (0:20)

Book: "Alcoholics Anonymous"
James: ”These detox pills are just...”
James rages. (0:20)

James tells unit supervisor Lincoln, referring to Roy, "He’s just a... retard..." (0:21)

James tells counselor Joanne, "No, this is about AA..."
Joanne: ”We are a drug rehabilitation center whose sole purpose is to help addicts... addicts, and every addict needs structure...”
James: ”Who said I’m an addict? I’m not an addict.”
”I’m not an addict.”
”I’m not an addict.”
Joanne: ”It’s one day at a time...”
James: ”I can’t take these... meds anymore.” (0:22)

Dr. Baker tells James, "If you ever start using again, it’s more than likely that you would go into cardiac arrest immediately." (0:26)

Bob tells James, referring to cigarette smoking, "I quit."
James: ”Only 15% stay sober after they leave this place...” (0:33)

Leonard tells James, "So it was an entirely selfless act." (0:39)

Driver: "James, they’re not gonna give you anesthesia, painkillers, none of it... not while you’re a patient at the treatment center." (0:40)

James tells Joanne, "But you’re not AA."
Joanne: ”Yeah, we’re all AA here... from the janitors to the counselors. We’re all addicts.”
James: ”Well, I don’t know how I’m supposed to leave here and never smoke crack or drink a drop of alcohol again... I love crack...”
Joanne: ”You just did the first step.” (0:44)

Twelve step meeting (0:45)

Roy tells James, "... submit before God, or fight the higher power..." (0:48)

James tells Leonard, "You’re a... cokehead."
Referring to his adoptive parents: ”... then Gina gets cancer and she dies... Mike... got into coke... you will live sober...”
James: ”And did he live free and sober...?”
Leonard, referring to Mike: ”... he gets gunned down...”
”... I wanna kill myself every... day... I will live sober....” (0:49)

Group: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...” (0:53)

Lincoln tells James, "You’re in rehab." (0:58)

James smoking crack (0:59)

Patient Matty: "This is one sad... addiction." (1:02)

James tells his roommate Miles Davis, "I sold drugs..." (1:03)

James tells Lilly, "I’ve never done this, sober, that is." (1:05)

White board: "Addiction=Disease... symptoms... Relapse"
Lincoln: ”Trust... that’s insanely different from your current brain’s paradigm... but the steps work... Recovery is a process.”
James: ”But what about Roy? He did the steps, right?”
Lincoln: ”Roy is diagnosed bipolar... Look at these AA mother...”
”I worked the steps. Alcoholism is a disease.”
James: ”Alzheimer’s is a disease... give me a shitload of Parkinson’s....”
:Miles ”But you lost control.”
James: ”I choose to... drink. I chose to take crack.”
”Am I gonna be a dumb-shit addict...?”
Miles: ”Sober?”
Jame: ”Right, sober.”
Lincoln: ”It happened ‘cause you’re an addict, right?” (1:06)

James asks Lilly, "Are you... crazy?"
Lilly: ”I’m not... crazy.”
James: ”Don’t... worry about it.” (1:09)

James tells Bob and Joanne, "I have no memory of that."
Bob: ”You had this rage in you forever.”
Joanne: ”Perhaps that’s the core to this fury and to your addiction.”
James: ”I snort coke... because I had issues with my ears as a baby?” (1:10)

MIles tells James, "... we’re all the same... judge, criminal, bourbon-drinker, crackhead, doesn’t matter."
James: ”I’d take that over the Big Book”
Miles: ”You never even read the Big Book.”
Lincoln: ”James, it’s group.”
James: ”Yeah, I know it’s group...” (1:12)

James makes Lilly drop a crack pipe. (1:21)

Leonard tells James, "I wouldn’t have done what you did, you... madman... Were you tempted by the dope?"
James, referring to Lilly: ”I knew she meant more to me than crack.”
Leonard: ”To stay clean and help another addict... That’s the twelfth step.” (1:24)

Leonard tells the others, "My crazy... family." (1:26)

Lilly asks James, "How do you kick this shit?"
James: ”One day at a time.” (1:29)

Jame: "I stole a bag of pot from my friend Evan’s dad. Stole a pipe from Evan’s dad. Stole a bottle of pills from Evan’s dad. I smoked the pot in the pipe and took all the pills... At 14 I sold drugs to kids. At 15 I started using harder stuff: coke, acid, crystal meth... At twenty I started to smoke coke... started to smoke crack, which I loved." (1:32)

James tells Father David, "I don’t believe in the steps..." (1:34)

Joanne tells James that Lilly has hanged herself. (1:40)