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A Stolen Life

CastBette Davis, Glenn Ford, Dane Clark, Peggy Knudsen, Charlie Ruggles, Bruce Bennett
Year released1946
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Artist Kate Bosworth tells lighthouse worker Bill Emerson, "... then they’d have the courage to say them..."
Honest things.” (0:18)

Her twin sister Patricia tells Kate, "You were singing like mad in the shower this morning." (0:25)

Patricia: "You’re not seeing things, Bill..." (0:31)

Kate tells Bill, "Pat’s apt to do crazy things." (0:32)

Kate tells her cousin Freddie Linley, "You are a fool." (0:38)

Pat tells Kate, referring to Bill, "... I’m mad about him..."
Kate: ”Do you understand... what he dreams of doing?”
Pat: ”... I am mad about him...”
Kate: ”Go on before I make a fool of myself.” (0:41)

Kate tells Freddie, "Don’t worry about me..." (0:45)

Artist Karnock tells Kate, "Don’t worry..." (0:50)

Freddie tells Kate, referring to Karnock, "Antisocial fellow, isn’t he?"
Freddie tells Karnock, ”I’m just curious...”
Karnock tells Kate, ”... when you’re in the mood, we can go back to work.” (0:56)

By telephone, Kate tells Bill, "Don’t be silly." (0:57)

Karnock tells Kate, "Used my charm on the cook..."
”Get wise to yourself.” (1:02)

Kate tells Pat, "You're crazy."
Pat: ”So I’m crazy.” (1:10)

Kate realizes Pat has drowned.
Woman, referring to Pat (actually Kate): ”She’s all confused.” (1:14)

Bill tells Pat, referring to Kate, "I can’t believe she’s gone..." (1:20)

Karnock tells Kate, thinking she’s Pat, "I used to drive your sister crazy..." (1:23)

Kate tells Bill, "Suddenly this whole house is making me so nervous..." (1:25)

Pat’s lover Jack R. Talbot tells Kate, thinking she’s Pat, "I happen to have arranged to divorce my wife for your sake..." (1:36)

Pat tells Bill, "If you didn’t, you were a fool..." (1:39)

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