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A Yank at Oxford

Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O'Sullivan, Vivien Leigh, Edmund Gwenn
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College athlete Lee Sheridan tells Dean Williams, "I’m not worrying about my studies." (0:07)

Banker Ben Dalton asks Lee’s newspaper publisher father Dan, "What’s worrying you?" (0:08)

Dan tells Lee, "Oh, don’t worry about that."
Lee: ”Don’t worry about me.” (0:12)

Lee asks Oxford students Paul Beaumont, Wavertree and Ramsey, "Aren’t you fellows worrying about this track business?" (0:15)

The Dean of Cardinal College tells Wavertree, "... and when I receive your letter of apology, I will then decide whether your mental condition should be investigated by a medical authority." (0:26)

Wavertree tells Lee, "I’m afraid my motives were purely selfish." (0:27)

Lee tells Paul’s student sister Molly Beaumont, "Well... he wasn’t’ in the mood for jokes either." (0:28)

Elsa Craddock tells Lee, "... my husband doesn’t understand how sympathetic I am."
Lee: ”... if you ask me, I think the guy is crazy.” (0:38)

Paul tells Molly, "Now don’t you worry your little head about that." (0:43)

Paul tells Molly, "I’ll crack my skull before I let any woman help me." (0:47)

Wavertree: "... don’t you worry, uncle..." (0:48)

Paul tells Elsa, "... don’t you worry..."
Lee strikes Paul in the head with his fist, then each strikes the other repeatedly.
Elsa: ”Don’t worry, Paul.”
: ”... don’t worry.” (0:57)

Wavertree: “... I’m roaring drunk.” (0:58)

Wavertree tells Molly, "... knocked him out cold." (0:59)

Molly tells Lee, "You’re an idiot."
”Well don’t worry about it.” (1:07)

Scatters tells the Dean of Cardinal, ”I’m sure he’s drunk, sir.”
Dean: "And then Mr. Craddock may be cured of his delusion." (1:20)

Elisa tells Lee, "My husband’s gotten suspicious." (1:20)

Dean of Cardinal tells Wavertree: "... I’m taking into consideration your record for sobriety and industry..." (1:35)