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Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

CastAbbott and Costello, Boris Karloff
Year released1953
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A robed man strikes another man on the head, rendering him unconscious. (0:01)

Suffragette Vicky Edwards: "... listen to the story of the neglected, abused and unappreciated women of today." 
Man: ”You got bats in your belfry.” (0:03)

A thug punches reporter Bruce Adams in the face. Adams punches him back. A protester strikes the thug over the head. More head injuries follow. (0:06)

Adams: "Dr. Jekyll, as one of our most prominent medical research scientists, can you ..." 
”Then you believe these acts of violence stem from a disordered brain?” 
Jekyll: ”... when the evil predominates, it brings out the animal instinct in man... some people are born with that animal instinct under complete control... If I can find some way to curb that instinct...” (0:12)

Jekyll tells his assistant, "Batley... you didn’t give the injection..." 
Batley speaks gibberish
Jekyll: ”Either the effect of the serum takes too long to wear off or...” (0:15)

Vicky tells Adams, referring to Jekyll, "Henry’s taken care of me ever since my father died..." (0:20)

An actor tells American policeman Slim, referring to his partner Tubby, "He’s balmy." (0:25)

Tubby strikes Slim on the head with a club. (0:28)

Jekyll tells the others, referring to Tubby, "... this moron pushed me into this cage." 
”I think he suffers from hallucinations...” 
Jekyll tells Slim and Tubby, ”... I’m a very nervous man...” 
A policeman strikes Tubby on the head with a stick. (0:36)

Slim tells Jekyll, "You’ve got nothing to worry about..." (0:39)

Slim tells Tubby, "You’re having hallucinations." 
”You’re having hallucinations.” (0:39)

Jekyll: "Don’t be so impatient, Batley..." 
Batley: gibberish (0:40)

Jekyll tells Slim and Tubby, "For fifteen years I’ve been experimenting with strange drugs, drugs that someday will be of service to mankind.." 
Slim tells Tubby, ”I think you’re seeing things again...” (0:46)

Two pub patrons appear intoxicated.
Slim tells one of them, "Aw, go away, you're drunk." 
Patron: ”I’m not drunk.” 
Tubby tells Slim, ”Those guys must be seeing things.” 
Slim: ”... they’re drunk.” 
Slim faints
Slim faints again.
Tubby faints. (0:50)

The Inspector asks Slim and Tubby, "You claim that Dr. Jekyll is using drugs to transform people into other people?" 
”You were drunk. You were seeing things...” (0:52)

Vicky: "Henry, is it true that you’ve been experimenting with weird drugs that humans into animals?" 
Jekyll: ”... if I used my knowledge of medicine to concoct drugs that turned a human being into a beast...” (0:54)

Slim tells Tubby, referring to Jekyll, "... Maybe he hid some of his drugs here." 
”Don’t worry...” (0:56)

Adams: "Dr. Jekyll, I feel like a fool." (0:58)

Tubby appears intoxicated. (0:58)

Vicky tells Jekyll, "You must be out of your mind." 
Vicky faints. (1:00)

Tubby sits on a syringe, injecting himself. (1:03)

Slim strikes Adams on the head with a club. (1:11)

Vicky faints. (1:12)

Man: "It’s a madman." 
Man: ”It's a madman.” (1:13)

A policeman strikes the Tubby monster on the head, rendering him unconscious. (1:14)

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