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Stellan Skarsgård, Lena Headey, Ian Hart, Charlotte Rampling, Jean Anderson, Louise Goodall, Jason Hetherington, Kate Lynn Evans, John Killoran, John Harwood, Fergus McLarnon
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Close up of drug paraphernalia on a book: cocaine in vial and on mirror, rolled paper tube. (0:04)

By telephone lawyer Kaisa asks her mother Helen, referring to Kaisa’s father Tomas, “What new treatment?”
Anesthetic?... He’s been anesthetized for years.” (0:05)

Kaisa tells Tomas, referring to Helen, “She said you wanted new treatment.” (0:10)

By telephone Kaisa tells Helen, referring to Tomas, “There’s no... way he’ll do that treatment.” (0:11)

An airline clerk tells Kaisa, referring to Tomas, “Your companion is obviously drunk.”
Kaisa: “Why, because he didn’t get drunk on your plane?” (0:15)

Kaisa snorts cocaine. (0:20)

Kaisa pulls a bag of drug paraphernalia from her purse. (0:29)

Tomas trembles from alcohol withdrawal. (0:38)

Kaisa tells Tomas, referring to musician Chet Baker, “When I got older, I found out he was a junkie... an addict comrade.”
Referring to men: “They think too highly of themselves.” (0:41)

Kaisa tells a police constable, referring to Tomas, “He’s too drunk to get his trowsers on...” (0:45)

Kaisa asks Tomas, “Were you drunk?”
Tomas: ”I’ve never been drunk... There’s no alcohol on the rigs.” (0:52)

Kaisa berates a group of men for “... taking money from drunks.”
Man: “Oh I see, caught with the drunken dad situation.” (0:57)

Kaisa sells her cocaine to a stranger. (1:12)

Kaisa snorts cocaine. (1:15)

A nurse tells Kaisa and Tomas, “We do not permit drunk people, family or not.” (1:18)

Tomas’ hand shakes. (1:21)

Tomas watches Kaisa snort cocaine. (1:23)

Helen tells Tomas, “You’re sober.”
”Are you sober for a reason?”
Tomas: “... I don’t know how long I can take this... being sober.” (1:26)

A police constable asks Kaisa about a packet of cocaine he finds in her car. (1:34)

Kaisa tells Tomas, “I told the police that the coke wasn’t yours...” (1:38)