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Jack Nicholson, Hope Davis, Dermot Mulroney, Kathy Bates, June Squibb, Howard Hesseman, Len Cariou, Cheryl Hamada, Christine Belford, Harry Groener, Connie Ray, Mark Venhuizen
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Male television character: “You see, my friend’s just crazy about you...”
Woman: ”You mean you’re both mad about me?” (0:11)

Insurance company actuary Warren writes to, Ndugu, a Tanzanian boy he sponsors, referring to Warren’s wife Helen, “... and her obsession, her obsession with trying new restaurants.” (0:22)

After he finds her collapsed on the floor, medics wheel Helen’s lifeless body out of the house. (0:26)

Burial of Helen in a cemetery (0:28)

His daughter Jeannie shares her grief with Warren. (0:31)

Jeannie’s salesman fiance Randall: “So listen, Warren... to get your mind off all of this craziness...” (0:33)

Warren writes to Ndugu, “So you might say I’ve just been trying to clear a few cobwebs from my memory.” (0:55)

Theater marquee: “Sideways” (0:59)

Warren’s new friend, shoe store owner John, tells him, referring to beer, “We’re a little low on truth serum.” (1:05)

John’s occupational therapist wife Vicki tells Warren, “... I have good instincts about people...”
”Are you insane?” (1:06)

Randall’s mother Roberta tells Warren, “This last week has been so stressful.” (1:19)

Jeannie tells Warren, “You know it’s just that we’ve been really stressed out her the last two weeks...” (1:32)

Roberta tells Warren, “Jeannie told us all about your little panic attack last night, and I don’t blame you.” (1:34)

Roberta offers Warren her leftover “Percodan.” (1:37)

Roberta tells Warren, “I’ve been so stressed these past few weeks...” (1:40)