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Accidental Love

Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal, Catherine Keener, James Marsden, Tracy Morgan, James Brolin
cocaine | marijuana | methamphetamine
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The surgeon tells motorcycle cop Scotty, referring to waitress Alice, “... she could be brain damaged for life.”
Nurse: ”Wait, she has no insurance.” (0:06)

Doctor: “Then the nail could be a pre-existing condition, and the insurance won’t pay.”
”... if the nail shifts within the lobe, the she’s likely to lose all kinds of inhibitions.”
”... could actually cause her fits of panic... rage.”
”It’s crazy...” (0:07)

Alice speaks Portuguese. (0:13, 0:52, 1:05)

Veterinarian: “Anesthesia.”
Scott: ”Pass the anesthesia.”
Reverend Norm: ”Bless this crazy, ramshackle operation...”
Alice rages.
Scott: “It’s like The Exorcist.”
Vet: “It’s what we do with a mad cow.”
Alice: ”I’m so nervous.”
Scott: “That’s an insane thought.”
Alice: “That’s insane.”
Alice speaks Portuguese.
Scott: “You, Alice, are turning into a... panicky... mess.” (0:14)

Alice’s mother tells the Reverend Norm and his friend Keyshawn, “Well, there’s an eency tad of depression kicking in...”
MOm, referring to Rep. Howard Birdwell: “That idiot can’t help you, Alice.”
Alice: “It’s that idiot’s job to help me, Mom... he’s not such a big idiot.”
Scott: “That’s your crazy brain turning on itself, Alice. You can’t fix a crazy brain with crazy thinkin’.” (0:18)

Guard Jackson: “... I am traumatized though.”
Keyshawn: “Baby, your trauma is turning me on... Let me... soothe your trauma...” (0:23)

Alice tells Rep. Howard, “I have a three inch nail in here, and sometimes it makes me do crazy things...” (0:32)

Howard tells Alice, “Look at me, I’m nervous.” (0:38)

Norm tells the others, referring to Alice, “And look who went on national television without having a panic attack.”
Howard: “This is crazy.” (0:40)

Rep. Pam Henry’s assistant Edwin: “I think they’re a little confused about the event.”
Pam Henry: ”Oh, you guys must be confused.”
Alice: ”... that was confusing.’ (0:46)

Funeral procession for Speaker McCoy. (0:50)

His new girlfriend Brenda tells Scott, “We were gonna watch Terminator.” (0:50)

Memorial service (0:51)

A reporter asks Alice, referring to McCoy, “Did he embrace legalizing medical marijuana?”
Alice: ”Maybe yes on the medical marijuana.” (0:58)

Keyshawn: “Some folks go crazier than a shithouse rat and let you down.” (1:01)

Girl Squaw, referring to Alice on YouTube: “She’s got a nail in her head, and her family’s got a piece of crap HMO.” (1:03)

Alice tells Scott, “It’s freaking me out.”
Scott: ”I don’t want to freak you out.”
”... what are you hooked on, coke? meth?” (1:06)

Howard speaks to the House: “I stand here today humbly begging my colleagues to forgive my temporary insanity and let me back into their strong party.” (1:28)

Keyshawn: “It took... insane quasi legal maneuvering... to get us where we stand today.” (1:33)