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Adam Resurrected

Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, Derek Jacobi, Ayelet Zurer, Moritz Bleibtreu, Hanna Laslo, Joachim Krol, Juliane Köhler, Idan Alterman, Veronica Ferres
Adolf Hitler | lysergic acid diethylamide | mescaline
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Adam: “So I was once again returned to... the Seizling Institute... for innovative therapy... for the survivors of the Nazi camps.”
Other psychiatric patients greet Adam.
Adam asks himself, “Have they all gone insane?” (0:05)

Adam addresses the other patients: “No, this time I am on the mission to expose the lunacy of the medical staff here at the Seizling Institute, the negligence, Dr. Shapiro, and the impotence of Herr Professor Nathan Gross, et al.” (0:08)

Entertainer Adam tells the nightclub audience, referring to Commandant Klein, “This night he intended to take his own life... This is Zyklot 17, the animal tranquilizer.”
Adam appears to swallow the whole bottle of pills. (0:16)

Adam tells nurse Gina Grey, “You are insane.” (0:18)

Entertainer adam tells his daughter Ruthie, “When you pulled up the thing, and you winked at the audience, and they went crazy, you were killing me." (0:20)

Patient Zelda postures.
Psychiatrist Dr. Slonim asks psychiatrist Dr. Nathan Gross, “You know he takes money from the patients?” (0:22)

Adam appears to hallucinate a dog, then he acts like a dog. (0:26)

Portrait of Adolf Hitler on Klein’s office wall. (0:31)

Adam tells Gross, “... before you kill me, you will all go crazy yourselves.” (0:33)

Adam visits the hallucinated dog (actually a young patient) in a quiet room.
Attendant Gibbon calls Adam, “Crazy son of a bitch.” (0:36)

Klein tells Adam, “Before Hitler we were hated by the rest of Europe...” (0:38)

Patient Abe Wolfowitz unbuckles Adam’s restraint.
Adam tells Abe, “You are not going to leave me alone in this madhouse.”
”You are not going to kill yourself.”
”... I would argue that the crimes of Klein, or the crimes of HItler, are the crimes of the Lord.”
Abe tells Adam, referring to what Adam believes to be a dog, “It’s just some crazy kid raised in a basement with a chain around is neck.” (0:40)

Adam tells Gina, referring to the boy patient who pretends to be a dog, “Crazy. He’s crazier than me.”
Gina: “You're not crazy.”
Adam: “I am crazy.”
Gina: “You’re sick.”
Adam: “No. I’m crazy.”
”You love the crazy... Adam Stein.”
”You can weed out more subhumans in a day with humor and Zyklon B than you can with Zyklon B alone. (0:46)

Adam tells the boy patient pretending to be a dog, “Don’t panic.”
”... Gross tries to heal them with mescaline, LSD, hypnotherapy (0:51)

Arthur tells the other patients, “He’s drunk.” (0:54)

Abe asks Adam, referring to God, “That heartless blind, mute son of a bitch.” (1:02)

Attendant Tarshish tells Adam, “No crazy stuff.”
Adam tells the dog boy he the names David, “That’s very... intuitive... intuitive.” (1:04)

Abe tells Adam and Rachel, referring to God, “He saved us from Haman only to toss us to Hitler.” (1:06)

 Doctor Slonim tells Gross, referring to David, “Nathan, we’ve been treating that boy for two months now, making our way through his defenses...”
“instead of restricting him, increasing his medication, you give him unlimited access to the institute, you turn a blind eye to his alcohol, his love affair with your head nurse...”
”Why don’t we just let the patients cure each other.” (1:09)

Klein tells Adam, explaining the dying dog, “Zykot 17.”
Klein tells Adam to shoot him, but Adam points the pistol at his own head then shoots and kills the suffering dog. (1:12)

Rabbi Lichtenstein tells Adam, “We survived. It’s not a crime. A crime is to blame yourself instead of them.” (1:17)

Her husband Joseph guides Adam to the graves of Adam’s daughter Ruthie and his infant grandson in a cemetery. (1:28)

Adam swallows a bottle full of pills.
He re experiences events from his past.
He wanders into the desert where he hallucinates Klein who orders Adam to kill himself. Adam defies him. (1:31)

Adam, referring to Gina: “The moment I recovered, Adam Stein was, for her, buried. Dr. Nathan Gross, who had absolute faith in my recovery, him I will miss. David was released that winter into the custody of a relative... I could no longer give myself diseases nor bring about my own end... Sanity is pleasant and calm.” (1:38)