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ADDicted (2017)

Kathleen Quinlan, Gil Bellows, Luke Guldan
cocaine | hydrocodone | Vicodin | marijuana | methamphetamine | mixed amphetamine salts | Adderall | oxycodone | OxyContin | Drug Enforcement Administration
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College student Drew Dawson takes medicine from a prescription bottle. (0:01)

Prescription bottle. (0:02)

Football teammate Radar asks Drew, "Yo, you think you can get a few more Addies?" (0:09)

College student Kristen tells classmate Ashley, "They all end up getting drunk together."
”Don’t be nervous.” (0:10)

Ashley tells Drew, "... as soon as I sobered up I got out of his car hating myself."
Drew: ”Don’t worry.”
Drew gives Ashley pills from his prescription bottle. (0:11)

Man in bar: "Y’all are crazy, man." (0:16)

Ashley insufflates a drug.
By telephone, Ashley tells Drew, ”... besides your little gift of pharmaceuticals is helping me out...”
Kristen insufflates. (0:17)

His politician mother Kate asks Drew, "Are you taking your medication?"
”I suggest maybe, maybe upping your dosage.” (0:26)

Drew in session with Dr. Stephens.
Stephens: ”Sorry, this is the concussion you’re talking about?”
Drew: ”Yeah, but it’s that feeling after of being confused, of not having a clue...”
Stephens: ”I mean, we helped you when your father died...”
”How’s your prescription going?”
”... a dosage increase?”
”... the body can get used to a certain dosage after time...” (0:28)

Drew answers Kate "Upped the dosage." (0:30)

Drew tells Kate, "I’m just a little confused..."
Kate: ”... because you’re ADD, we need to apply for extra testing time for your LSATs.”
Drew: ”Mom, I’m not disabled.”
Kate: ”... selfish, but...” (0:31)

Kristen tells Ashley, "I know you’re stressed."
Ashley: ”Can you get me some Adderall from Jarrett?”
Kristen: ”Aw, you’re having withdrawals from Drew and Drew’s Aderall.”
”Why don’t you just fake symptoms, go get your own prescription?” (0:37)

Radar tells teammate Kyle, That’s some Brokeback type shit..."
Kyle, referring to the coach: ”... might as well take advantage of him being in a good mood.” (0:41)

Coach Stan Thompson tells Drew, "We weren’t mentally prepared after the Mizzou win."
Drew: ”Studying like crazy.” (0:42)

Ashley tells Dr. Adams, "Oh, I think I have ADD."
Adams: ”Oh, tell me about your symptoms.”
Ashley: ”I get distracted easily.”
”I didn’t think I had a disorder until I started researching it online.”
Adams: ”How are your stress levels? Ashley, how are your stress levels?”
”I have trouble sleeping.”
Adams: ”... we have a lot of people that come in here and think they have ADD...”
Ashley: ”I know I have ADD...”
Adams: ”Changing your lifestyle is the answer, not medication.” (0:43)

Drew takes medicine from a prescription bottle. (0:45)

Drew answers Jeff: "Probably my dosage increase."
Jeff: ”What do you mean, dosage increase?”
Drew: ”For my ADD.”
Jeff: ”You have ADD?”
”So why are you increasing your dosage?”
Drew: ”Uh, my doctor said my body probably got used to the previous dosage so upped me a little bit.”
Referring to Drew’s father: ”Uh, he passed away.”
Jeff ”It’s crazy.” (0:50)

Kate tells Drew, "Try to be a little bit more assertive when you speak." (0:55)

Ashley tells Drew, "Sorry for being selfless."
Drew: ”Selfless, like when you had your tongue down your ex-boyfriend’s... throat?” (0:57)

A stranger punches Drew in the face. (1:00)

Drew tells Kyle and Radar, "... ended up in a drunk tank."
Radar asks Drew, ”Hey, before I leave, do you think I can get a few more of those Addies?”
Drew: ”It’s a dosage increase...”
Radar: ”Increased dosage, increased focus, right?”
”Get psyched for it, baby.” (1:04)

Drew tells a woman, "So we come back to our place, and the dude is drunk, and he’s passed out naked on the couch." (1:07)

Ashley takes Drew’s prescription bottle. (1:10)

Drew tells pharmacist Chuck, "I lost my prescription for Adderall, and I need to get a refill."
Chuck: ”Do you have a prescription with you?”
”Without a written prescription from your doctor, there’s nothing I can give you.” (1:11)

By telephone, Drew tells Stephens, "... I just lost my bottle of Adderall..."
Stephens: ”... I can’t write you a new script. You just filled your last prescription.”
Drew, referring to finals: ”I need to ace them all without the medicine that helps me accomplish those things... without a prescription that I’ve had for the last 10 years...”
Stephens: ”... you may have some withdrawal symptoms from the Adderall.” (1:12)

Jarrett appears to roll a marijuana cigarette.
Drew: ”My Adderall’s nowhere to be found...”
Jarrett: ”... in my psych class today we watched this video about the dude who discovered ADD, and he said on his deathbed it was a fictitious disease.” (1:13)

Kristen: "Crazy!" (1:15)

Ashley takes Adderall. (1:16)

Kristen tells Ashley, "I’m worried about you."
”You’re acting insane.”
Ashley: ”I am not acting insane.”
Kristen takes Adderall. (1:20)

Kristen takes Adderall. (1:23)

A policeman tells Drew, "You currently have a prescription for Adderall, correct?"
”A bottle of Adderall with your name on it was found today.” (1:26)

Jeff tells Drew, "Adderall, huh?"
Drew: ”I was wired, amped... ” (1:27)

Stephens tells Kate, referring to Drew, "He said he lost his prescription..."
Kate: ”You mean he’s taking his finals without his meds?”
Stephens, referring to Ashley: ”She had his pills.”
”I told you that he did not have ADD when you first came to see me... and... calling in a dosage increase for his prescription...”
”You’re more addicted to his success than he is.”
Kate tells Drew: ”Honey, Dr. Stephens got a call from the police asking why Ashley had your prescription bottle.”
Drew tells Stephens, ”You said I never had ADD.”
”I never had ADD, huh? Dad dies, and your response is to put me on... pills. ”
Kate: ”Honey, you were acting out in school.”
Drew: ”I was grieving dad’s death... So then you take me from psychiatrist to psychiatrist until you find one who will diagnose me with ADD?”
Kate: ”... you have no idea what it was like for me when your father died.”
”Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would realize the opportunities that I’ve given you.”
Drew tells Stephens: ”You’re just a drug dealer...” (1:29)

Drew tells Ashley, referring to Stephens, "... he said that I never had ADD... I was grieving my dad’s death." (1:39)

Kate takes Adderall from her prescription bottle. (1:45)

”Addereall is a United States Drug Enforcement AdministrationSchedule II” drug.”
””Schedule II” drugs also include: Vicodin, OxyContin, cocaine and methamphetamine.”
””Schedule II” drugs have a high potential for abuse, can lead to severe psychological or physical dependence, and are considered dangerous.”
”without a prescription, Adderall is a banned “Performance Enhancing Drug” by all major professional sports leagues, the NCAA and the Olympics.”
”The Electronic Sports League (ESL) has also banned Adderall due to its performance enhancing effects. (Adderall usage has been known to increase reaction time and elevate focus of gamers.)”
”Over 80% of college students surveyed thought illicit use of Adderall or another stimulant medication as “not dangerous at all” or only “ slightly dangerous.””
”Two-thirds of college students are offered Adderall or other prescription stimulants by their senior year.” (1:45)