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Adrift (2018)

Shailene Woodley, Sam Claflin, Jeffrey Thomas, Elizabeth Hawthorne
ethyl alcohol-wormwood-green anise | marijuana
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Traveler Tami Oldham smokes a joint. (0:09)

Tami tells yachtsman Richard Sharp, "No worries." (0:10)

Rich tells Tami, "... and after a few days, there’s the hallucinations." (0:12)

Tami tells Rich, "Yeah, worst hangover of my life, hands down." (0:31)

Tami tells Rich, "I think 4000 miles is insane." (0:44)

Tami asks Rich, "How’d your mom die?"
Rich: ”When I was seven, she hung herself.”
”I think what I’ve done over the years is just, sort of, uh, sort of internalized.”
Tami: ”Internalized what?” (1:01)

Tami: "I’m hallucinating? Am I hallucinating?"
Rich: ”Exhausted, dehydrated, delirious...” (1:05)

Tami asks Rich, "Should we be worried?" (1:09)

Tami tells Rich, referring to the color of the sunrise, "It’s pink absinthe..." (1:11)

Tami tells Rich, referring to her father, "... starting when I was about 10, my grandparents stopped letting him in... and he would just fly into a rage..." (1:15)

A blow to the head renders Rich unconscious. (1:19)

Tami recalls Rich’s words: "And after a few days there’s the hallucinations." (1:22)

Tami cries thinking about the death of Rich. (1:28)