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The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel: Vol. 2

Marius Goring, Stanley Van Beers, Patrick Troughton, Anthony Newlands,Alexander Gauge, Lucie Mannheim
snuff | nicotine
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Chapter 1

Chauvelin tells a citizen, “You must be drunk.” (0:12)

Pimpernel tells young Elise, “You think I'm mad, don’t you?”
”I am mad.” (0:14)

Elise tells Pimpernel, “Please... don’t go mad again.” (0:15)

Elise asks Antoinette, “Who, the mad judge?”
Antoinette: ”The mad beloved judge.” (0:17)

Chauvelin tells Pimpernel, “Anyone might suspect that you were trying to get me drunk.” (0:21)

Elise tells Pimpernel, “And left me in the hay to the mercy of a criminal madman.”
Pimpernel: ”A criminal madman.” (0:24)

Chapter 3

Chauvelin tells a prison guard. “You idiot. Do you think I am mad?” (0:23)

The Prince of Wales: ”Chauvelin must be mad, Countess, quite mad.” (0:24)

Chapter 4

A guard calls Andrew, “You idiot.” (0:06)

Chauvelin asks the same guard, “What are you trying to tell me, idiot?”
Percy: “Upon my word, I was so anxious to visit you Mr. Chauvelin I forgot my snuff box.”
Percy dips from the offered box. Percy tells the coachman, “You spilled all my friends snuff.”
Chauvelin “This sordid business is of far greater importance to me than snuff...” (0:12)

Tony tells Pimpernel, “Really Blakeney, you can’t do a crazy thing like that.” (0:15)